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Feb 25, 2014
Hes so cute and derpy I love it.

I think they should turn one of the international street stores into a whole museum with the doozys and the haunted river stuff and who knows what else. The gift shop just isnt somewhere youd think theyd put the old stuff on display. Especially since its just that small display case in the back.


Pusheen Gardens
Jul 20, 2011
Williamsburg, VA
Cool article.

Kings Dominion’s Land of Dooz / Smurf Mountain: Not Just Boring but Fundamentally Flawed!Part-1-Kings-Dominion’s-Land-of-Dooz-Smurf-Mountain-Not-Just-Boring-but-Fundamentally-Flawed/c154d/1
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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
I picked this one article at random among the several Luke posted.  I fundamentally disagree with some of what appear to be key assumptions.  For example, from what I gather, there is no value in anything besides thrill rides.  

Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia is a great theme park. It does almost everything right in its quest for newer and better rides and attractions... Rides like Flight of Fear, Intimidator, Volcano and the Grizzly are classic, world-class rides and safely enjoyed by millions of riders. The water park there is without compare... In 1978 Kings Dominion stuck its neck out on a major 4-ride attraction called “The Lost World” that was gigantic and cost a bloody fortune but was frankly lacking in the thrills category. The novelty was presumed to be the sheer scope of the project, not necessarily the rides included. Consequently the Lost World was a Saturn-5 rocket that couldn’t leave the launch pad... “Journey to the Land of Dooz” (later known as “Smurf Mountain”) was nothing more than an overblown kiddie ride – a slow “mine train” (as dubbed by the maintenance mechanics) that carried families and clueless teenagers who unknowingly climbed aboard in a gaudy, filigree-covered 4-car train at walking speed through a place called the land of Dooz.
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Apr 30, 2015
Ok i just read the article posted, while i do not have the personal experience factor in writing this post i must say the writers style angered me. He is (IMO) childish in his delivery."which was engineering dumbass mistake #2." To me and again this is my opinion, if you have to use language like that to show flaws in an item. Or your disagreement of something a creator has done. It looks like you went into that article to be as degrading as possible. I know the authors intent was to talk about the negative aspects of the ride. But i think there are ways to do it with out being condescending to your readers.
And after reading more of the articles its seems to be the same.


Jan 30, 2014
I think the reason I find humor in the article is because I've had multiple Evacs on both incarnations of the ride. In fact, I've had twice as many Evacs on this thing than all other rides put together! There is a special place in my heart for the Doozies and It was my favorite ride in the world as a small child, but just as the article so bluntly states, it was a piece of shit from an engineering standpoint.
Apr 30, 2015
You know maybe this is where my disconnect is. This Ride was no more before i was even born so i dont have that personal experience behind it. I am pretty sure if i had the same experience with that ride that i have had with others being stuck i would feel the same as you and the author.
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Nessie is lonely.
Silver Donor
Sep 28, 2013
Virginia Beach
wait no I said Dooz > Smurfs. The smurfs were dumb...

Oh I see now. when you say "> Smurfs" it turns it into a quote...
I fixed it
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