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Apr 17, 2017
I've read a lot of posts about things like how BLSC should get an African retheme to fit with the vibes of Safari Village and other things. While this sounds satisfying with us, I think that elaborate retheming would be too expensive. Remember, Kings Dominion is an amusement park, not Disney nor Universal,, and Cedar Fair puts very little budget into theming and SFX in their attractions. An idea I have is to have BLSC, Anaconda, Fof, and I305 form a new area of the park themed to a boardwalk or strip along Lake Charles. Here is a list of what would be included:

New Enterprise ride is added (a nod to Apple Turnover) named Lake Overturn (also nodding to Apple Turnover)

Backlot Stunt Coaster gets small upgrades as time goes on including new headlights, doors, and rearview mirrors for the cars (the headlight design would be based on the one the car depicted in the billboard has), new subway stair tunnel, and new and improved MCBR effects.

Anaconda is either remodeled by Chance Rides into a Hyper GT-X coaster (I know this model doesn't use inversions, I couldn't think of anything else)and renamed or torn down (thanks to it's extreme roughness and pain) and replaced by a B&M Flyer.

A border (a wall, scenery, etc.) gets set up to separate the new area from Safari Village, but will have a small number of passages in between areas.

The entrance to the area would be situated to the right of Hungry Hungry Hippo when coming out of Candy Apple Grove.

So...what does everyone think?


Jan 30, 2014
Well, while building a wall seems to be the trend as of late, I do not believe that is the answer. Nor do I believe it would ever happen. Ever. But I like the boardwalk idea. However, with all the swampy skeeters coming out of 'pond charles' these days, I'd say a swamp bayou theme might work better.
CF may not be into the heavy/consistent theming, but they seem to be trying. Maybe they SHOULD be focusing on this for KD in particular. I wish they would. Adding the 'escape from the real world' factor to any park is nothing but bonus in my book.

As far as re-theming backlot. Ripping EvERyThiNG out and just painting it 'safari-ish' would be better than what it is. It's gotta be painted anyway right?
Mar 18, 2017
Yeah Lake Charles is a Virginia mudhole, though people act like it's beautiful blue-green Florida sea (I don't think they drained it this winter -- it already looks swampy this year).

And as to replacing Anaconda with a B&M Flyer, have you ever ridden one? I'll take Anaconda any day of the week over one of those clueless torture machines. I can't believe they're still making them even as many are converting their B&M standups to floorless and removing the far superior Togo standups. Don't feel bad if you've never ridden one, I thought that sounded like a good idea too.

The crazy idea I had for replacing Anaconda was to have a launched coaster with the launch just south of Rebel Yell. This would probably require changing the RY queue (it needs shrinking) or more. After the launch it would go up and over RY and over the lake. Those seeing the ride over the lake would then need to find how to actually get on it. This would allow a bit more on the north side of the lake. I'm not sure how it would get back, it's more a crazy idea, but a cool one.

Inevitably, Anaconda will need to be removed and hopefully replaced eventually, I expect the park is putting it off, the biggest problem with doing that as long as possible is its end-of-service-life could then coincide with other coasters also aging.


Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
I'd personally rank Manta (the only B&M flyer I've ridden) and Batwing/Nighthawk (the other two flyers I've ridden) over Anaconda any day of the week, but that's just me. Anaconda is pretty much the only remaining "bad" coaster at KD and unless the park can improve it I can see them scrapping it pretty soon for something else.
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Nessie is lonely.
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Sep 28, 2013
Virginia Beach
Before you go "scrapping" a coaster you need to consider the total cost of ownership.  Considering the rate that KD gets new coasters, essentially never, and the cost of a lease for a new coaster if they did.

Unlike Shockwave, replacing Anaconda is not necessarily cheap or easy.  I doubt there are many, if any stock rides that they can just drop over the pond.  In the case of Shockwave, it was just a flat piece of easily accessed earth, where a large cap flat could fit.

Now I do not know the specifics of Anaconda, but if it is anything like Nessie it is cheap to maintain and keep up.  As we know Arrow parts are still made, and not hard to come by.  Also its power requirements are VERY low.  One motor for the chain and some lights, not much.  New coasters come with higher infrastructure costs, and I expect that Anaconda has the same infrastructure that King Kobra had.  Not much.
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