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Getting aHEAD of myself
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Feb 12, 2011

Credit: From KDFans 2013 Opening Week Report Part 1 (Planet Snoopy)

Apparently considered an attraction, Ladder Climb is one of those skill games in which the "victim" must crawl across a rope ladder that gradually suspends higher and higher over an air cushion as they attempt to press a red buzzer at the end and win a huge prize. Sounds easy enough, right? Factor in extreme instability and balance of the twisty rope ladder and you'll be on your butt in a few seconds. I tried this just to see what was so hard about it. There's not balance on the crazy thing, and I fell a bit past halfway (which was more than I'd expected, especially since many people don't get far past about a third of the way up)! I will say it's pretty fun, but I'll leave it up to you to decide if falling on your butt on an air cushion is worth the $3 per play (or two plays for $5).

While it's technically a game, the park seems to consider it an upcharge attraction, not a game. This is confirmed by the Attraction Safety Guide sign, like those at the entrance to all other attractions, posted just before the Ladder Climb entrance, plus an "Attraction Thrill Rating" or 4 ("High Thrill Ride..." Really?). Also of note is that the park map does not list Ladder Climb under the "Games" section, although it's not listed anywhere else, either. It does seem more marketable as an upcharge attraction, though, so it kind of makes sense. I guess between this, Dinosaurs Alive!, Thunder Raceway Go-Karts, and Xtreme Skyflyer, they now have a whopping count of four (4!!) upcharge attractions. Yowza. At least this one's fun enough for the price, though I still think Dinosaurs Alive! is worth a try.

Anyway, here is the thread for this "Attraction." If you want to try, it's located between the south Planet Snoopy entrance between Lucy's Crabby Cabbies, Three Point Challenge near the end of the Grove, and just before the entrance to Congo.
Yeah! Frankly, I'd prefer this over some of the uglier games in Festa. I could be wrong, as I was never there in person, but there a game in Threadneedle Faire in which you had to climb a twisting rope ladder that this somewhat resembles, in a more modern form? It sounds familiar to me, anyway.

On a different thought, I like the artwork on the backboard or whatever it is behind the Ladder Climb with the cartoony version of Kings Dominion's attractions. Don't know why Dominator is inverted, though.
Yeah, I just talked about this over at BGTFans forums. Threadneedle Faire had a smaller one ladder portable inflatable version of this game, and it looks really cool and neat. Just as a side note, most the games in Threadneedle Faire were considered too dangerous which is one reason you don't see them around today.

With that said, perhaps the attraction warning sign is because this is a dangerous ride and games are kind of attractions.

There are three or so pictures of BGW's Jacobs Ladder Climb game from Threadneedle Faire posted on Nora's bgwmemories Facebook Page if you guys are interested looking at them to compare? Honestly Threadneedle Faire is just more well themed :p
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I hear these games are pretty easy to win if you avoid the actual rungs and stick your feet on the ropes instead. The rungs are meant to be unstable to trick most people from getting to the top, but the ropes are a bit more stable.
Yep. I have this image posted on BGWMemories on Facebook. It was called Jacobs Ladder. This is from a screen capture on a video from 1989.



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Wait... you had to WALK across that thing?! Sheesh! Nobody even seems able to win when they crawl across! It must have made good money, but I can see how it may have been a liability.

netdvn said:
I hear these games are pretty easy to win if you avoid the actual rungs and stick your feet on the ropes instead. The rungs are meant to be unstable to trick most people from getting to the top, but the ropes are a bit more stable.
That's the catch: it's apparently against the rules to put your hand or feet on anything except the inside of the rung, or you'll be disqualified. Seems unfair, doesn't it? :dodgy:
The dude in Nora's pic has to be the game attendant. I rember this and watching drunken fools fall to the cheers of the crowd! That part of the park had a REAL old festival feel, including the vendors shady scams.:)
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I have to say. I haven't done this personally so I can't judge it that way, but it's extremely fun to watch the little ones do this. Yeah, they may bust their butt, but they have a smile doing so. I don't know why it's so fun to watch the little kids loose balance and flip over, but it just is. I usually stop and watch any time I see a little one attempting it.
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