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Sep 23, 2009
This seems to be based on traditional Italian folk songs and dances with some speaking lines thrown in between them by the major of San Marco. Anyone have anymore information?

Wiki page coming soon.
Conveniently today while digging on the Daily Press I found a little tidbit of info about the show.
The lure of old-time music pops up again in the park's Italian hamlet of San Marcos. An all-new "La Festa Italiana" will debut there in mid-May with a robust slate of traditional Italian folk costumes, dances and songs. Expect to be sweet-talked by the charming "mayor" of San Marcos between numbers.
To make sure I understand -- San Marco had a show that shared its exact name (close enough) with a different and then-new themed area of the park.

An interesting tie-in of sorts.

I'd love to see a Greek themed show in San Marco named "Una Faccia Una Razza."
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