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Jan 30, 2014
We tent camped here on July 3rd and I thought I would share some info for anybody thinking of doing this.
First off, this campground was clean and surprisingly nice. All sites are equipped with a picnic table and fire ring. You can pay a little more for a site with electricity. We chose just the primitive site at a seemingly pricey $50 per night. After using the pool and KD shuttle service, it seemed more reasonable having these services available.
Good---service, pool, atmosphere, bathhouses.
Bad---lots of skeeters, pool rules*

*inconsistancies here were pretty bad. First day we were there, we were allowed to have a float, which we enjoyed for an hour or so. The next day, we were not allowed to have the same float. Also, a man with a six month old baby entered the pool with a small infant safety floatie thing. He was immediately told he couldn't have it (which he had no problem with). he spent the next 45 minutes floating her around, dipping her, and just "holding/playing" with her. Then.....the lifeguard told him she couldn't be in the pool without a life jacket. After 45 minutes!! None of the life vests were designed for an infant, or would have been as safe as his infant floatie. He got pretty upset and left the pool. I would have too.
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I've always thought there might be a bug problem at the campground, given how bad they get inside the park.
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