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Feb 14, 2019
I was looking at some way to get an idea on which of these two parks to convince the wife we should visit in an upcoming trip out that direction next fall but couldn't find anywhere that seemed to come at it from a park and ride enthusiast POV.

So - forgetting anything known about the ownership groups and assuming all rides will be open, what park would be more worth the visit and why?
MM. Hands down. It's the best amusement park in the country if you can forgo useless distractions like queue theming.

Knotts is cool. Kind of quirky. Bit of a throw back. But if you go on a dead day, you'll be done with it in 3-5 hours.
Definitely Magic Mountain just for the sheer number of rides available.

Knott's is a great park, don't get me wrong. But in terms of money value Magic Mountain spanks Knott's.
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Disclaimer: I have not been to either.
From my perspective MM wins hands down. Knotts looks great, don’t get me wrong, but the really can’t compare to a park that has at least twice the value in terms of coasters.
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Definitely hit up SFMM if you had to choose between the two as there is way more to do there. KBF can be done in a few hours. If you do hit up KBF, get there at opening and ride Xcelerator first as that coaster tends to have crowds flock to it all day and it consistently has the longest line of any other attraction in the park.
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I have not been to either, but by all appearances they are very different parks. I want to go to Knott's because I want to ride Montezuma's Revenge before it is inevitably removed.
I asked a friend from LA which one and he said it's a much bigger factor than just Knott's is small and Magic Mountain is not.

He said factor things in like where you are staying. He said KBF and MM are "1 hour apart" but with traffic it could take 2-2.5 hours so if you are staying closer to one or the other, be prepared for that. He feels as though the Merch at KBF is a bit better than MM as well as the food; but the experience of the rides at MM are better. Just really consider if you want a day to take it slow and get 2-3 goes on a ride? KBF. Don't ride a packed day where you may not re-ride something you want to? MM
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