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Jul 6, 2022
Hey guys. So im in a discord server and someone sent this tweet
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Seems like they’re doing a lot for this refurbishment, i wonder what they’re doing with it, any ideas?
Also here’s pictures if the tweet wont load 31264AF0-E82C-4B6C-8E97-FDA7D28161F3.jpeg 8F3299C8-4AE3-431F-B191-ABC5B6A9EA55.jpeg 494AA1C0-AD79-4A26-BBE0-10EF888A3ED1.jpeg CEED5644-43E6-4EC6-B025-C91C1E22A043.jpeg
Montezuma details have come out, alongside additional changes including a revitalization project of Fiesta Village and the KBF Hotel upgrades.

Knott’s Berry Farm and the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel have major changes coming in 2023. Inside the park, Fiesta Village will be completely revitalized to further celebrate all the Hispanic cultural influences present in Southern California. The unveiling of the new Fiesta Village includes a reimagined Montezooma’s Revenge. The historic coaster will be renamed MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress, with an immersive storyline and new surprise thrills for its riders. And next door to the park, every aspect of the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel will be transformed, from common areas such as the lobby and the pool area to conference rooms and a new outdoor banquet venue designed to elevate the experience for both corporate and leisure groups alike.
Source: Newswire PR
Upon closer inspection and several friends telling me this, they do not appear to be premier trains, but rather KumbaK trains.
From Screamscape, it sounds like Montezuma has gone to hell.

Screamscape has heard some disappointing rumors as of late regarding the status of Montezooma’s Revenge. Unfortunately the severity of these rumors go from bad to worse. On the lighter side, shortly after the confirmation from the park that the updated Montezooma’s Revenge would not be ready this summer, I had begun hearing that it probably wouldn’t be ready to reopen now until 2024. This did match up with the overall lack of any progress or new construction on the site and made sense. It also matched up with why Knott’s was suddenly talking to the press about their efforts to reopen Xcelerator next instead.

As for the “worse” news… things get oh-so-much worse…

NOW… don’t panic and keep in mind that this was just a single rumor sent my way, but the source claims that major issues have come up with the companies contracted to provide the new track and trains, and they may be unable to provide what they were contracted to do without a significant increase in funds above and beyond what was already agreed upon in the contracts. (Again...this is rumor only... nothing confirmed!)

Currently Montezooma is in pieces, with the trains and large sections of track and the flywheel launch system removed a long time ago to make way for the new parts. According to the story, this has put Knott’s in a bit of a hard spot… unable to restore the ride back to the way it was, and currently unable or unwilling to move forward with the original chosen partners in order to finish the job as intended.

You can see where I’m going with this… and it isn’t good. I’m hoping this rumor is wrong… or if true, that perhaps Cedar Fair could instead reach out to someone else instead to possibly finish the job. Cedar Fair and Knott’s management should be very aware of just how beloved and important Montezooma’s Revenge is to the Knott’s Berry Farm fans as well as the roller coaster enthusiast community out there. Any truth to the bad business dealings aside, I can only hope that they would make the right decision and take whatever steps are necessary to save Monty.

This would start with a call to Gerstlauer, as they are really the only company out there who have successfully completed a similar upgrade project on another Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop. Walibi Belgium worked with them to update their Psyke’ Underground coaster in 2013, replacing the train as well as updating that ride’s launch system with a modern magnetic launch and braking system. A year before, in 20112, Gerstlauer also provided Hersheypark with new trains for their Schwarzkopf made Soperdooperlooper coaster. Simply put, many enthusiasts who are aware of these facts have been wondering why Gerstaluer was not chosen for the Montezooma project in the first place, as the park had just worked with them to open HangTime for the 2018 season.
I don’t believe Cedar Fair would start a project without having contracts in place with pricing.
But the incompetence of the company is stunning these days

But this should’ve been a fairly simple project.
I'm no expert on such things either, but I'd have to guess they had all proper agreements signed and perhaps even payments starting, but then one side or the other couldn't hold their end of the contract conditions (including providing materials and/or hitting designated milestone timelines) and as such the visible reality has become a disassembled mess while the park now needs to scramble to get it operational again.

But again, I'm no expert.
I wonder if they didn’t choose Gerstlauer at first to do the renovations because maybe CF didn’t trust them after Hangtime? I did hear some things about Hangtime having issues and lots of down time but I don’t know if that’s true.
I wonder if they didn’t choose Gerstlauer at first to do the renovations because maybe CF didn’t trust them after Hangtime? I did hear some things about Hangtime having issues and lots of down time but I don’t know if that’s true.
Honestly, I don't think so. I think Kumbak (or whoever got the project, I don't think Kumbak was ever confirmed) simply underbid Gerstlauer.
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I think Cedar Fair currently is going with the manufacturer with the cheapest bid. Why else would they be installing all this Zamperla junk and renovating Top Thrill with a completely unproven manufacturer for a coaster of that scale?
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