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Since KD builds much less frequently than, say, BGW, we don't really have an established timeline for when KD likes to submit plans for a project this size. Docs started showing up for Tumbili in February and March of 2020. I imagine by then should be a safe assumption for KD 2025.
I wonder if the plans you’re teasing on Twitter are for this… wishful thinking.
You mean this plan? 😉

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Huge shout-out to everyone who collaborated with us behind the scenes in secret on this! HUGE props to @CoasterMac in particular for his incredible NoLimits work!
This looks like an awesome ride, and the perfect coaster KD needs right now. It seems like it'll take the best of both Gatekeeper and Thunderbird, with large intense elements, great interactions with nearby paths and scenery, and a seemingly well-themed queue and station. I cannot overstate how well this ride complements the current park lineup, and if we have to get another decade of rethemes and retracks after this addition, I still think this is totally worth it.

Kinda related but also kinda not, there's no thread on this so I thought I'd bring it up here. I really hope Kings Dominion goes all out for its 50th anniversary in 2025. I would love to see some smaller improvements throughout the entire park, like repaints for Intimidator and Dominator, some new theming elements around the park, or even a retrack for Woodstock Express considering its historical significance to KD. Don't get me wrong, this coaster is an awesome addition for its anniversary season, and if it's all we get I will still be 100% fully satisfied. I just hope this anniversary takes a lot of cues from Great Adventure's seemingly awesome 50th celebration next year. They deserve it.
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This is so huge for our little regional park. Now if they can just market a new attraction correctly maybe we will see a pretty big jump on attendance. The outcome of this ride has a huge impact on the park if it does well or not.

Also adding - The Wing Coaster shouldn’t be the only changes being made to Jungle X in 25. I’ve got reason to believe some other attractions may be getting some love finally.
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