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There are soo many good things covered in that video!

Something I honestly did not know about was the Beer Flight at Parched Pig. I'm in there so often, but each time I'm there, my eyes automatically gravitate directly to the lagers on tap. So I may have to give the Beer Flight sampler a try, especially as it looks to be a good value.

I also just made the mistake(?) of showing my daughter the video clip of the Giant Cookiewich, from Fountain & Floats... and I pretty much know what she's gonna be requesting next visit 😉.

Otherwise watching that video and thinking how so many of those food items are all on the All Season dining plan, just reminds of what a great value that plan is, along with all the variety of food that we now have at KD - where with each trip, I'm honestly lost trying to decide between all the options.

So @mtpelepele, thanks digging this one up and sharing!
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