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They do not require you to exit the park, but they do prevent re-entry after the event starts.

You shouldn't have any trouble getting through all of the mazes and scare zones with Fright Lane. Be sure to do Grimm Woods and Corn Stalkers after dark, as they are both outside.

There are two schools of thought on the opening show between the Eiffel Tower and the fountains (now being converted to an ice skating rink). Some people like to watch it, before heading to their first maze. Others prefer to get in line before or while it is running to get ahead of the crowds.

Are you looking for advice on anything specific? Mazes? Food? Rides? Etc?
What does “prevent re entry” mean exactly? Does that mean they don’t let season pass holders back in too, or just say pass folks?
Wow. I can’t believe I have to add another haunt to my already long list of haunts to do yearly. But hey, the more, the merrier. I loved my time at the park, and the event felt like there was a lot of love behind several of the attractions. I don’t think I got scared once, but that’s the result of multiple HOS events, six nights at HHN, multiple SCarowinds trips, and a handful of local haunts. Eventually, you become immune to it all.

Blood on the Bayou- What I could see looked amazing. However, the house was very dark and foggy, so many of the obviously extravagant sets were totally lost. We did this one twice after dark and still couldn’t see anything—still a pretty great house.

Condemned- Beautiful sets and actors who were dedicated to their roles and storytelling. Not much more to say here. It’s a spectacular attraction.

Trick or Treat- Again, gorgeous sets and costumes. The actors also did a great job of telling the story. I will say this one is not scary in the slightest, and I didn’t love that on my second run that, there were literally five actors in the first room alone while other rooms were completely empty.

Cornstalkers- Kudos to KD for sticking with the scarecrow bit. SCarowinds had three iterations of this maze and only ever staffed it with actors in bloody overalls….every.single.year. The sets were pretty impressive as well. I will say the costumes felt a little repetitive, but that’s a little nit-picky to me.

GrimmWoods- Uber creepy atmosphere. The lights and sounds alone make this one stand out from the rest. The actors did a fantastic job with the storytelling, but I guess that’s a common theme at this event.

21- Big yikes. Doors, elevators, and phobias don’t scream “21st Anniversary Celebration,” but okay. This house sticks out like a sore thumb for all the wrong reasons. No detailed sets. No coherent story and almost no actors. I don’t understand why parks can’t realize phobia anthology houses don’t work cause each phobia gets only a second to do its thing before it’s gone. I mean dolls, clowns, doctors, and now bugs, thanks HHN have proven that phobias can have solo houses and be great. Also, why is every single room so friggin wide in this house? Is it a cost-cutting measure to make the house shorter? I just felt so disconnected from everything around me in this one.

I skipped the shows to take in as much from the houses and zones as possible. I’m not sure if it has been mentioned, but the fast/fright lane is advertised as unlimited access to rides and one-time access to each house, but in reality, it was unlimited to both. We skipped long lines all day/night and only for $80 apiece. Pretty solid deal in my book.
Flipping through photos on my phone recently, I realized I never posted any of my Haunt photos from last year.

The following remind me how great the lighting and atmospherics are at the park. Is it perfect every visit? Absolutely not; generally due to rain and wind of course. But when nature cooperates... boy, Haunt can certainly compete with the best of them!

Apologies on the super tardy Haunt post. But it's April, eh. So halfway to Halloween, right?










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