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Nov 1, 2012
Actually, the 1st 3 pictures are from the Intl Street overhaul that happened in the 80-81 off season. That is when the park got rid of the "freeway" on each side of the street. The park broke up the street to place landscaping islands; fountain overlooks; and seating areas. That was the year that the scrambler was relocated to Intl Street and the Cinema 180 was added. This did not include the entrance plaza pavers added between the main gate and the fountains (that happened in the last 6-8 years) and the pavers around/under the Eiffel Tower this pass off season.


Feb 14, 2019
Am I the only one that thinks they should have kept and incorporated the transport rides better?

Thinking the skyride stays where it was (maybe triangle similar to BGW with the original path plus a shot over to somewhere close to Grizzly.

Train rolls through the backside of the Eiffel Tower and runs a circuit from over on the west edge of Planet Snoopy around Lake Charles, around Twisted Timbers, backside of Grizzly, and cuts back through between the antique cars and cut through walkway. Not sure where stations should be, perhaps close to the Eiffel tower, over by Anaconda, and back between Twisted Timbers and Grizzly.

In both thoughts the pathways would be modified to make it work.
Feb 7, 2016
Wow those pictures are a trip. I wasn't even around then but they certainly remind me of my earliest memories at the park.


Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
Looking at that last picture of International Street, it's amazing how much bigger the buildings looked then compared to today. The addition of trees to the area in the 80s really changed the look of International Street, including the forced perspective of the buildings.

Also, notice the one picture showing the beginnings of construction on the Lost World. Amazing how we've come full circle on the mountain's life. :(
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