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From the Daily Press

Daily Press said:
Visitors at Busch Gardens Williamsburg lined up outside King Arthur's Challenge, a three-dimensional movie and simulator ride that opened in the Hastings village section of the theme park in 1996.
Applesauce said:
Now if we could just get the video footage.

I need to know how bad this ride actually was, because my 5-6 year old self loved this thing.

Same here! I know I loved it yet I can remember almost nothing of the ride.
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Lord Robert said:
No video footage of this infamous ride? Someone is working hard to erase this from existence.
I've only seen one photo of this attraction and that was of the front of the building with the entrance sign. The lack of documentation of this attraction is shocking, if anyone has any photos I would love to see what the pre-show area was like. Was the queue the same cavern walls or were those introduced in the Questor era?
The cavern walls were there and the pre-show room from what I read was all decked out in medieval props (Knights armor, swords, tapestries etc). My father rode this ride when it opened and absolutely hated it, but said that waiting inside the "castle" was the best part.

So yeah, Corkscrew Hill was the better replacement.
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I guess this is one of those things where you'd had to have been there to experience the horror of it. I wish I did.
Pretzel Kaiser said:
How do you know it was a bad ride?  You seem to haven't of seen any footage of it.

From the horror stories my family has told me about it over the years and describing what the simulator was like/about has given me a pretty good idea of what it was like. I wish there was footage of it because I may have not ridden it but I want to see it.

Does that clear anything up?
i rode both the rides. i can honestly say that it was not a terrific ride, however the ride system was still the older system before they changed it. (this was not an improvement as far as tracking goes in my opinion.)
Regardless, I personally disliked Corkscrew Hill immensely. I found the dialog to be cringe worthy. i personally would have liked something else and would hardly use a dramatic term like "horror.". It is a matter of taste.

i like Sweeny Todd but some find some find it far too angst for angst sake and perhaps ham fisted. i dislike Disney musicals because i think the voices sound untrained and in the case of the women, child like, and sound like they have vocal fry. but again those are all personal opinions.
Lord Robert said:
I guess this is one of those things where you'd had to have been there to experience the horror of it. I wish I did.

You really didn't want to.

Horror is an understatement as this atrocious ride shouldn't even have its own thread on this forum. It was jarring that they replaced Questor with this mess. The park knew they fucked up as many guests let them know how terrible it was. I even had the pleasure of telling former park president Keith Kasen that the ride was "complete and utter shit!" His reply was that I wasn't the first person that said that to him.
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