Defunct Kinetix

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Sep 23, 2009
I'm thinking that it's a pretty good bet that Kinetix is gone and that the Royal Palace Theater is going to be used to host the concerts.

I have not seen any indication that Busch is doing the amount of hiring needed for a show to take place in the RPT and I'm not aware of any contract with an outside group to perform regularly at the park. Also, maybe the biggest indication, there is no show listed on the park's site.

Does anyone have any thoughts or have you heard anything?
Nov 25, 2009
RE: Kinetix

I doubt they'll have the concerts in the Palace as long as they have the Festhaus Park. They can fit way more people in the FHP over the Palace. I'm sure they will have a show there this year. They do every year.
Dec 27, 2009
RE: Kinetix

kcracken said:
Perhaps they will have the concerts there while they redevelop the area where BBW was? Just a thought.
That does fit in with the rumors of an upcoming expansion. I'd like to see some work in the area this summer, but I don't expect to.
Nov 26, 2009
RE: Kinetix

Well, it seems the concerts will be in FHP as usual so that means something else is taking place there, I have an idea. with Illuminights coming I think they could use the space in the royal Palace Theater as a setup for the fireworks for Illuminights, any thoughts on that? I think this is a pretty good guess. Man, recently it's like they are transforming RPT into more than just a theater but a maze for Halloween and an animal display for penguins during ChristmasTown now they might have fireworks there, this theater is very unique and unlike others it can be used for various things.:p
Mar 26, 2011
Oh snap, look what I found.

These are not my videos. And also, found out it ran for three seasons, so 2006-2008. My bad.

My favorite male lead was the guy who went on to be the lead for MSR, and is also the one in the pics I posted for that show. Not the guy in the 2006 videos. The female lead in the 2006 videos was so awesome. She was also in the original MS.

Kinetix 2006 Part One

Kinetix 2006 Part Two

Kinetix 2006 Part Three

Kinetix Part Four

There's a chunk missing in between these this one and the last one. Here it is, different camera operator.

Kinetix-Queen set

Kinetix 2006 Finale
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