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Shot some video of the Killarney Village Band on 7/28/13

Irish Rover
Maires Wedding

Sarah Lynne Nowak (Singer)
Caroline Little (Fiddle)
Chris McGraw (Guitar)
Michael Creech (Guitar)
Tim Minter (Flute)

And a few easter eggs in the Irish Rover video.
A couple Celtic Fyre performers relaxing between shows:
Rylee Doiorn (singer)
Caleb Kitchen (drummer)
And BGWFan's own Zachery and Nora.
I recorded the whole performance, and when it was over, I think you had gone.

I've got all the songs, but the crew for KK were making a racket setting up for the show, and Tim had to ask them to be quiet a couple of times. Didn't want to post those songs.

If you want to catch them, they play at 4:30 on Sundays.
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Great video. The crowd interaction is one of the funnest things about the KVB. I see they were still ragging the crew of KK about making too much noise. And, speaking of KK, now that it's over, one of the Friday night fiddlers from KK, Carolyn Lee Bartley, will be joining the KVB, replacing Caroline Little, who has moved on. This makes Carolyn eligible for one of these:
I feel like the park is purposely ruining this hamlet. Each special event that comes and goes has completely ruined the place once it leaves.

F&WF - The toll here is not as great but still important. The booth by Annies Cafe left a big mark. There used to be wonderful shrubbery, now there is and flat concrete floor with a rag tag drink cart there. Next to an already existing snack stand! My suggesting is, why not just simply increase the snack stand instead? It would look a lot better.

ILLUM - The planters and patio tables and chairs are spares. It is just wide open nothingness. The info board that had random theme signs by Annies Cafe and Grogans Pub now stand blank empty. The Killarney sign is missing! You are just walking into a nameless hamlet now!

The place looks bare, empty, forgotten, and with nothing to do there besides snacking, shopping, and one show, this place is now nothing! My heart goes out to Killarney.

Now compare this to the Killarney in 2001? Ten or so years really changes a place.
Just noting, the other day I was walking past the Killarney band, and I happened to catch the back of the head of one guy and I could still see his dyed mohawk from behind. I actually thought the dye he used was a temporary spray on dye that came out in one wash, didn't realize it was more permanent than that. But I do understand that his hair will take some time to grow back.
I wanted to stop and watch these guys this past Sunday, but alas I had to hop in line if I wanted to see the second to last CF performance.:mad:
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They needed performance times AFTER the Celtic Fyre shows, NOT before. If BGW let them play after, there is a huge crowd, in the Irish mood, being fed right to them. Plus, a way of knowing WHEN they perform. Very poor planning on management. KVB deserved more. And for goodness sake GIVE THEM SOME MICS!!! We know the area is already equipped with the wireless and PA they need.

Did I surpass my cap-locks quota? Just steams me when great performers are treated like this.
I have been all over guest services,, performers, etc. trying to get answers about times for these kind of street performers. During CT especially. I have to believe that there is some general schedule they keep, but usually they tell me that it adds to the ALLURE of the hamlet when it is kinda random. That came from a musician in France. Then someone here says they did have a schedule. I just never seem to be in on "the know" with this stuff. It would definitely be nice if this were posted on the back of the map or something.
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