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I don't recognize that train ever running at KD.

The park had a ride car shaped like train engine (single electric powered car - 4 seat - body made out of fiberglass; Those used to run on the ride path where the four-wheeler vehicles currently run in Planet snoopy). It could be the train in the pictures was given to KD from another park in the chain. Or maybe the park bought the train used from an external source. For whatever reason, KD decided not to install it.

I know this has happened before when the park received 3-4 paddle boats for potential use in Lake Charles. The boats looked like they had the capacity for 20-30 folks in each. They sat alongside the Rebel Yell/Racer 75 first hill for one season. (I keep thinking either 1988 or 1989; just 2-3 years before the Anaconda opened). The next season they were gone. I assume KD nixed the potential use of them when the Andaconda was decided on and constructed in the lake.

Decisions on rides/attractions, either passed internally in the park chain or bought used from an external source, can be pretty fluid. The attraction could be installed and become a part of the ride line-up in another park. Sometimes that is permanent or it can be temporary, a place holder so to speak, until its the turn of that park to get a new attraction (El Dorado ==> WindSeeker). Sometimes the ride is passed on to another park in the chain, sold, or simply scrapped.

The ride carriages in the last picture, (red seats and orange structure), are from the park's kiddie parachute ride. That ride was installed when the kids area was expanded in the early-mid 1980's. It was located where the Boo Blasters entrance plaza is now.
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