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Apr 7, 2018
Kevin Lembke is leaving the park and the company for another job outside of the theme park industry. He will be leaving Williamsburg at the end of the month.
It is true. He announced it last week to select people at the parks. I hadn't posted anything yet because the number of people who knew was very small. It is apparently similar to David in that he wasn't looking to leave but was approached by another company and didn't feel he could turn it down.
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Stretching here, but might this have any connection to other leadership changes at the top of SEAS?
Stretching here, but might this have any connection to other leadership changes at the top of SEAS?
I'm told that it doesn't. He had no plans to leave but got a job offer that he decided he couldn't turn down. You have to remember that Kevin has young kids and that means that you are not home a lot on the weekends and are not always home at convenient times.
No great loss! Bring back Karl Lum.

Wow. Talk about unbelievably rude. Did Kevin Lembke kill your firstborn or something...? Though I guess your past posting habits would suggest perfectly reasonable folks can draw your ire for no reason at all, so I shouldn't be all too surprised...

PS: Carl Lum, not Karl Lum.

Kevin Lembke, from all of the accounts I've heard, has been a very good Park President. I honestly think we've seen some great progress during his time in Williamsburg and, anecdotally, Williamsburg's attendance numbers seem to reflect the same.
Man I'm really disappointed in this. Kevin was so well spoken, friendly, outgoing. Add in the fact that he came up pithing BGW made him such a 'fan favorite'. I think we're going to feel the impacts of his changes for the next 2-4 years anyways.
I'm sorry but pithing? I'm not unfamiliar with the word but the only definition I'm familiar with is killing animals by sticking a needle in it's brain. I'm sure it's a case of autocorrect.
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