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ok, I think I'm done adding new threads. Follow the instructions at the top of the ParkFans side of of the forums to get rid of these "unwanted" unread posts.

The only thing each of these threads say is "Wiki Page Coming Soon...," so you're not missing much :p.

We're still working to getting the wiki up and running, so once that is ready, I will create the pages on the wiki and edit each topic with the wiki link.

Hopefully with all these threads, we can have a place to discuss everything in an organized fashion and to also be a place to retrieve information.
As many of y'all can tell, I'm in the works of restructuring the Kings Dominion boards. I'm currently in the process of adding, removing, moving threads all over the place. I want to try and get this initial process done as fast as I can so I don't clog up the unread posts feed with a bunch of posts that just say "Wiki Page Coming Soon" (Which btw, is in the works of being added to again ;)). Because of the process that I have to go through to get each of the threads to function with the new filtering system, I ask that anyone who has any information on an attraction or show that needs to be added, whether it's defunct or operating, to PM me a list containing the: 
1. Name
2. Years of Operation (If possible) 
3. Attraction/ show location (If possible)
4. And what event (Haunt, main season) if it's a show.

If you don't know the YoP or location, that's fine. But if you can't provide the name, then I cannot make a new thread for it. 

Thanks in advance everyone!
YES!!!! I heard preview day for the press, and the like was today!(via. KDGYfans) I was hoping he would get invited too, and he did! KD knows how to do it right!
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Better yet, that picture posted above was taken at 20x zoom and then posted to Instagram moments later. Evan is rocking a new /very nice/ camera that allows him to send pictures to his phone on the fly so he can share camera quality shots on social media live from the park.
I heard there's an accessory like that for my camera also, but I don't really have a need for it, if I post something at the park, it's typically from my phone. Anyway, cool!
KDFans logo has been replaced with the Halloween Haunt logo and a new slider image has been put in. The Halloween Haunt slider is actually the first slider that I've made that's been used. I'm kinda fond of it.

A waterworks slider will be in the works soon. But I only have one image to work with so, it won't take long once Zachary or I get to it.
*taps mic*

*buzzing noise*

Um... Is this thing on...?

Just to give everyone an update on the status of KDFans, we're currently in contact with a few people at Kings Dominion and are setting up some very neat things for 2015. We do a lot with BGWFans- just imagine what we can do working with a park! :D 2015 is going to be a great year for KDFans and Kings Dominion fans alike.

More news soon...

This is sorta a public beta launch of the overhauled design. Share any and all thoughts. :)
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