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avid coaster enjoyer
Sep 20, 2013
Ah as the leaves fall and the Christmas ads start up and you go "Hey uh isn't there a holiday in October?" Well yes, yes there is. Halloween has grown to be quite the popular holiday this year I decided to try something new. After visiting HOS for over ten years I decided to add Haunt to my Halloween fun this year. I will now list what I thought about each attraction in order from best to worst on a 1-5 scale.
The Inn at Darkside Manor:No Vacancy 5/5 This house was the first house of the night and blew my expectations out of the water. The detail was incredible I was in awe the entire house. Walking through it was almost like going through a hidden queue for Hollywood Tower of Terror with actors. The actors were also going all out and really immersed you into the experience by really getting into there character. Also had some really good scares in there I didn't see coming due to some great distractions from the props. Only complaint is it was way too dark in there and the hallway with the air bags you actually had to push.

Cornstalkers4.5/5 I don't know how they made the employee parking lot feel like a corn field but they did. The stalks going over my heads along with the creepy southern farm props made for a very eerie atmosphere. I really did feel lost at times and just that feeling alone added to the tension factor. But the actors really made the house. They literally blended into the corn with ghillie suit costumes and really lead to some unexpected scares. Also one of my favorite things about the house was theres no gore! All of thehouses felt extremely similar cause there was so much gore. But sadly the house was not at the full potential so I'll now tell you the story of why it wasn't number one. Going through the people in front of us had a lot of nice rainbow words but that's not the problem. They would run into little hidey spots for the actors and there would be a sheet blocking you from the parking lot but they would just charge through. At one point an actor had to scream for them to get back by taking off his mask. But still a good house over-all

Doll Factory 4.5/5 Doll Factory from what I heard was going to be incredible, it was really good but didn't live up to the full hype. The house didn't seem that detailed and it felt very empty at times. Also some of the actors seemed very tired and it was only 7:45. What saved the house was the ending, that was awesome. Also there were no actors in the first hallway from what I could tell. Butt the way it was setup was really interesting You had to walk through Planet Spooky with all the creepy signs and then you came across the factory so props for them for making the location that instead of something like Flight of Fear.
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