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It uses the new-ish, big, round, two-person ProSlide raft.


Anyone have any experience carrying these?
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Ok...I think I misread that Wild Gravity tweet. I think I understand them to say they send one 2-person raft forward and a second 2-person backwards. (At the same time?)
Their wording is really confusing, it's not just you. ?

Probably what they were getting at: "#KareKareCurl sends 2 riders—one forwards and one backwards—down a enclosed tube [...]"
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I think every tube slide with anything bigger than a figure eight style tube should have a conveyor belt (if space and cost allows for it). I work at Ocean Breeze so I’m like... the queen of carrying tubes and I even find the figure eight shape to be difficult to carry. I couldn’t imagine luging around one of those things.
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I was watching a video review of a water park (castaway cay in the Caribbean) and I saw something cool that I hadn't seen before.

It's a vertical lift for rafts. With something like this, there's no excuse of "too little room" for a raft lift.

The Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg (it's probably all of them though) has a similar tube conveyer. Instead of straight up, it's just a tad less steep. Same general scope, however.
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