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Mar 26, 2011
Apparently this show ran here before going down to Tampa. It was performed in The Magic Lantern Theater, which we now know as the Abbey Stone. The show in Tampa started in 1986, so I would assume ours ran in the early 80's, late 70's.

"Kaleidoscope was the most lavish Broadway style musical to ever play in a theme park. The cavernous Moroccan Palace Theater, which even contains a balcony, was built to accommodate the show. Most of "Kaleidoscope" was transplanted from Busch Gardens Williamsburg, where the show was performed at the Magic Lantern Theater years earlier. However sections, like Busby Berkeley, were taken from another Busch Entertainment show entitled "Hats Off to Hollywood," which also played in Willimasburg. Busch Gardens engaged in a national talent search, auditioning thousands of young singers and dancers. The show operated with a swing cast. Accordingly, about twenty performers were available to fill the twelve roles which comprised the show. Many of the performers were required to learn more than one role, and could therefore "swing" into another part as needed. As a result, Kaleidoscope was performed four times a day every day for over five years.
Many of the talented cast also would swing into other shows within the park that were running concomitantly like "Music Express" (a 1940's Big Band Era song and dance show), "Sounds of the 60's" (a 60's review," the noted Country Music Show, and the even the German Dance show at the Festhause. "Kaleidoscope" had impressive sets, costumes, and special effects. A dazzling Las Vegas style opening number where show girls wore huge multi-colored feathers and strolled down illuminated stairs while lasers filled the theater was followed by a Busby Berkeley section in which a giant slot machine hits the jackpot spilling tap dancers through the slot. A 1940's big band section had a giant Champaign bottle pour bubbles into an over sized glass to the song of Blue Champaign," a huge Showboat sailed on the stage for the old South section, while the 1950s was represented with an oversized juke box and records. The patriotic finale contained fireworks illuminating the sky over the Capitol. In addition, two giant kaleidoscopes were placed on either side of the stage. They were constantly shifting creating intriguing shapes and colors that mirrored the shifting musical scenes and corresponding eras being performed on the stage. Kaleidoscope ran for over five years to packed houses and standing ovations. No other show that Busch Gardens has captured such spectacle, grandeur, or had the talent level of "Kaleidoscope.""
RE: Kaleidoscope (? to ?)

I really wish they would go back to doing shows of this scale. Yes, Scott's shows may be over the top, but most are in poor taste. Why haven't they learned that throwing glitter and neon colors in a bad show doesn't solve all your problems?
RE: Kaleidoscope (? to ?)

There was Kaleidoscope 1 and Kaleidoscope 2. Both ran for 2 years each and were completely different shows. Kaleidoscope 1 was 1979 and 1980 and Kaleidoscope 2 was 1981 and 1982. Both shows contained a 50s section, but with different songs. The Showboat number mentioned above was from Kaleidoscope 1. Hats Off to Hollywood was after Kaleidoscope 2 and ran for 2 years. I saw the show in Tampa and it was fun seeing the old sets and numbers from shows at BGW. You really need to speak with Carrie in Entertainment, I think she still works at BGW. She was in the first Kaleidoscope 1.
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Out of all the Magic Lantern Theater era shows, that was by far the best of them; lavish with a capital "L", talented performers and a really good runtime. It's interesting that the pre-show announcement not only prohibited flash photography but recording devices as well. So glad footage of this show exists.
In this case the recording devices were key as it was not original content. The Broadway stuff was heavily licensed. it has been my observation that since Scott took over they play far looser with the RIAA rules.
You mean as far as not paying copyright dues? I have heard that too, and I think it's a shame. They shouldn't penalize us for their cheapness.
I know this is probably a simple misunderstanding, but in case I'm not the only one confused, I'll go ahead and ask. Why does the park not paying for a certain music license preclude guests from recording their shows? How does a guest's act of recording the show change the legality of the music in the show?
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I know this is probably a simple misunderstanding, but in case I'm not the only one confused, I'll go ahead and ask. Why does the park not paying for a certain music license preclude guests from recording their shows? How does a guest's act of recording the show change the legality of the music in the show?

The issue is that it is not permissible to copy licensed music without paying certain royalties. This is sometimes covered when a piece is in the public domain or when the original author stipulates that it okay. Also in the privacy of a home it is sometimes okay to reproduce licensed material if not for the purpose of making money. However In most of the latter cases it is understood that the middle person, in this case BGW has payed the mechanical rights not just the IP for the music. In some of those cases, especially if they have permission, it becomes okay to copy and reproduce but this has to be stipulated.

As to your question, the 2nd party can be held responsible if they act in a way to facilitate the illegal copying of licensed music or performances. So far as I know this has never been tested because the RIAA is not currently looking at 3rd parties not when they have juicier targets with deeper pockets. But as we know from several cases in the late aughts in early teens (picked by random) for example this woman, individuals have been prosecuted.

Having said all that I did not mean to create such a direct line between a 3rd person and the park.

Unfortunately this all falls under IP and copyright law. Since the dawn on the internet these waters have become increasingly murky. Especially with re-distribution. Ask me sometime about sites acting as a Newspaper or Individual and what rights that infers. Or even better some places, (Facebook) trying to play both sides.
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