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I'll be brief. I know how I tend to droll on with things from time to time and this is a Monday, so ... ........ yeah.

It seems as though with Howl-O-Scream and Christmastown are coming up (or maybe the school year is starting up soon, or people are antsy or ... or ...), that there's a few people taking everything that's being said here as absolute truth regardless of the context of the conversation. I just think we sometimes need to be reminded that this is a place to talk about the park itself and not everything stated here will be, or be MEANT to be, factual. We're all here because we like to discuss the park in one aspect or another. Some of us like to talk about all aspects of the park and like to theorize what's going on given the information we have available to us. Nobody will be 100% correct all the time. That's just the nature of life. Please remember, enjoy the forums and engage in conversations within. Take everything with a grain of salt and adjust accordingly. :)

Yeah, see - that was all supposed to be all of one paragraph. Long-winded Mondays. Gotta love 'em.

Just realized that this maybe should have gone under the or Forums section down below? Gah, sorry Chris. Of course, feel free to move it if needed. I blame Monday. :dodgy:

[Moved it for you. ~Swiftman]
Don't worry... I am surprised I can even type in logical sentences today. :dodgy: Hmm, at least I think I am.

I am exhausted to be honest and am running on little sleep after a very busy weekend.
Swift's a reckless animal! Did you see how fast he swooped in and moved that post? I'm tellin' ya, that's some real ninja stuff right there! :s

I gave trying to be logical years ago. I just tend to dumb myself down a bit so the rest of the human species can keep up with me. Present company excluded, of course!~! :D

*hides under a rock*
It wasn't all that fast... It took me almost 45 min. to move the thing. You wouldn't believe how heavy those emoticons make these posts! Also, trying to get it over the two gaps between the "Busch Gardens" forum and the "BGWFans" forum is mighty hard work. That post was so heavy that I actually had to build a makeshift bridge to drag it over.

Trust me people, being a mod isn't all it's cracked up to be. Still can't believe Chris got me to sign that contract...

Note: If Chris ever offers you a cake to get you to sign something... Don't do it!
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Hey Swift: Why oh why did we not take the BLUE pill?

In all seriousness, I a not as computer savvy on forum modulation as you are. Photoshop; that is a different story. Glad you know what you are doing.
I rejected Chris' reality and substituted my own. That's how I avoided it. ;)

On a side note, the gross debunking of threads today has hit an all-time high. I demand the forums be completely wiped and started over from scratch so this travesty doesn't rear its ugly head again!

.... that or just promise cupcakes for everybody (Vanilla for me, please).
Cupcakes?! Wait... Cupcakes are like cakes, just in cup form.

Don't. Sign. Your. Name.

Seeing that I already sold my life to the man, I'd like Vanilla as well.
Everytime I get on these forums I feel like I'm on an acid trip, and I love every minute of it. In all honesty I pretty much gave up on Howl-O-Scream, but the rumors running rampant(sp) across the boards are quite fun. Oh and can I get a spice cake cupcake? I know I'm a rebel.

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