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Sep 28, 2013
Virginia Beach
If you are of a certain age and lived in Virginia Beach in the 80s you may recall a small water park near the Ocean Front in an undeveloped piece of land called "Jungle Falls."  The park had 4 rather fun water slides including one that was largely enclosed.  Most memorably at its gates stood a tall and proud gorilla.

Nic and I spent many a Saturday afternoon here thanks to our then thrill seeking parents.

This aerial photo of the park showed up in my Facebook new feed yesterday, and I thought I should share.


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Nic is 100% correct.  But there was a step in between.  Jungle Falls was procured and became Wild Water Rapids which in turn was rolled up in to Ocean Breeze.

The original Gorilla that came from Richmond and was burned down.


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Applesauce said:
But I'm also pretty sure those four slides still had the collective name of jungle falls after ocean breeze was ocean breeze. Buuttttt I'm not 100% sure about that.

The slide(which still exists at Ocean Breeze today) that was built right beside those slides is called Jungle Falls. It's a kind of pool-to-pool slide, most comparable to Nitro Breakers(now defunct) at Water Country USA. The mat slides were given new names when this park formed into Ocean Breeze.
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Here's some trivia I learned. There used to be different colored mats for these slides. The color of the mat you were given corresponded to your time slot for park admission. This way staff would know when your time was up.
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