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Mar 30, 2010
Saw these pictures on Reddit today.

From the comments it sounds like they do this every once in a while for special events. I've never seen it open, but I'm only there in early October when it is slow.

Has anyone seen this in person? Sounds like it would be awesome to try.
I haven't been in the past year, but in all my visits the park schedule listed zookeeper talks for the various animal exhibits. If you visit the tigers during one of these zookeeper talks, then you will see the tug of war demonstration. The actual tug of war is rather brief, and after the set-up and talking, I found it slightly disappointing, but it was fun. Just look for the times for the tiger zookeeper talk on the schedule.
They do list the times, and I've been around for a handful of them over the past 6 months, but haven't seen them do the tug of war. I have seen them given raw meatballs to guests to roll down the tubes twice (they were of course given latex gloves first!)
If you've been to the tiger talks lately and they haven't done the tug of war, then I wonder if they still do it. When I last visited they did, and I thought it was a regular occurrence. I know it's little help if you're interested in seeing it, but it's not as impressive as the photos make it out to be. Like I said it was rather brief whenever I saw it.
I talked with one of the trainers the other day, and she did say that during the summer months, it is more of a rare occurrence, simply because of the heat. She also said that over the last few weeks they have not done it at all, as they've been focusing on introducing the new cubs to the habitat.

But it is still being done, but there is definitely no set schedule on when or how often it is done. Best bet is to check with the trainers on your visit at the first presentation, and ask if it will be done that day.
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