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Aug 1, 2010
Seven Pines, Virginia
We just returned from a trip to SeaWorld Orlando that was on June 20. It started rather tense because the the employee at the ticket booth was adamant that we did not get a 50% discount with our BG Unlimited passes. We tried to argue, but I relented as we were holding up the line. So, I paid full price and then went immediately to Guest Services. Kevin was amazing and confirmed the we do indeed get a 50% discount. He got his manager to grant us the refund and she noted that the ticket booth employee should have known better. Kevin stated that the ticket booth employee should have used her computer to bring up the benefits. They were right there on the screen. He was gracious enough to show them to me for future reference. I was also surprised to discover the we also received 10% off all purchases with our BG passes. My wife brought her 2019 BG drink cup and was given free refills all day. That was a big bonus.
Sounds like a great trip. Glad that you were able to sort that out.

I will add that as I understand it you get whatever discount you are normally given at your home park wherever you go. So if you get a 15% then you should get that everywhere.

I will say that it seems you got lucky I've been multiple times this year and have only gotten free refills on the day of purchase just like how it works at BGW.
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