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Apr 9, 2013
Any of you crazies heading to the nuthouse that day? :)

My GF & I are going to be spending a kid-free day there (FOR ONCE!!! WE GET TO WATCH SHOWS WITHOUT THE LITTLE ONE HAVING A MELTDOWN HALF_WAY THROUGH!!!)

Just want to meet some of ya'll in person for once. Let me know below if you're gonna drop by and what not. We'll be doing shows & eating all the stuff from the F&W festy....
IndyRacingNut said:
Anyone visiting the park on Sunday??? I would REALLY like to meet a few of you in person. Going to be there on the 9th w/just me, my girlfriend Heather who wants to try EVERYTHING at the F&W festy, her son Luke & hopefully her sister as well. No little ones in tow so we can FINALLY BOTH ride any rides we want & do whatever without pushing that damn stroller around everywhere! I can't wait!!!

Not sure yet. Depends on the weather and some other things. That being said, I do usually go on Sundays.
And the monsoon messed up my Friday (today) plans of visiting the Food & Wine Festival a bit. I really want to see the Grape Smashers show too. :cool:
Let's hook up then at some point. I'll be w/my GF & her son....Wouldn't kill her if I said I'll meet her back at Festhaus or something after an hour or two while U & I crash the lines for the F&W
Lemme know. I'm the tall skinny guy w/a goatee...
I might be there. I was definitely going to go, but I thought that they would have a different celebrity chef for "the chef's guests" for the two weekends that Virginia Willis wouldn't be there. I might just hold off until next weekend.
May visit on Sunday as I am getting BGW withdraw.
It's been 3 weeks since my last visit & already I'm getting withdrawls....I love having a season pass. Hahaha!
CK, I'll be the tall guy with a beard next to a short girlfriend (like under 5' tall....don't ask) wearing a yellow tank top & a baseball cap. Spot me & PLEASE stop me, will ya? My name's Tony. :) We're leaving for there right now. Be there around 2.
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I just rolled into the England for a short visit. Gonna grab a Scottish Egg and walk around a bit.
PM me if you wish to swap cell numbers for texting.
Had a short, but eventful visit this evening. Sorry I missed you IndyRacingNut (turn on your PM's). Had some "unofficial" meet-ups. If you all want to chime in and acknowledge yourselves, feel free. Some cool stuff coming soon!! :cool:
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