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Sep 10, 2012
Nora & the BGW Memories folks are meeting up in the morning:
"Don't forget the meet-up for June 6th on Nessie's anniversary of the official opening day in 1978. Big Grin"

I'm gonna try and make the morning Nessie ride. Problem is I have work. Do I call in sick; take a vacation day? I don't know, but I would hate to miss the picture time and ride with everyone.

Anyone else planing on a special meet-up or whatever for Nessie's birthday? Later in the evening perhaps?

cotnoutlaw, are you showing up to keep me wedged in nice and safe while I take another picture? :cool:
RE: June 17, 2013 - LNM 35th Anniversary

I'll be there quite a while CK- I can organize another evening meet-up. What time were you thinking?

I always pick the morning so people can wander off and do what they like to do in their own groups. But I consider the 6th to be Nessie day. I plan on riding the Legendary coaster several times that day anyway.

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cotnoutlaw said:
Why did you put June 17th?
It was a copy-paste from the 17th post to keep the same format. I fixed it. :p

Since this is on a Thursday, won't we have an opportunity to catch the musicians in the Mix It Up/San Marco theater? Isn't that their "off day"?
OK, I will be there in the morning. I have plenty of personal days to use for work, so I am taking a mental health day as well. However, I will have to leave around 1 PM or so. Got some business to take care of.

- Do the Nessie meet-up & ride at 10.
- Take some Nessie pics
- Get a Scottish Egg if the stand is open
- Get some Rt. 33 Wine if the stand is open :cool:

*It will be a Highlander visit for me.
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Wish I could be there & meet you all finally, but the GF has to work & I've got to be at a daytime function for one of my kids in school. No arbitrary days off for me!

However, I am hitting the park on Sunday! Would love to meet up w/one or more of ya'll for a German beer flight! :) I'm going w/the cashless wristbands....Too many food options to not try as many as possible!! The sausage pretzel can wait for another day...maybe. lol
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I'm excited! My Nessie Birthday Banner arrived in the mail as well as my little stickers. They look great! See everyone on the 6th at 10am! :D
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^^^ I will be taking pics of EVERYTHING me & my girlfriend try. AND posting reviews of each item.

(I better get me some more reps out of this endeavour)....hahaha
I can't make it at 10AM, but am planning to be at the park by early afternoon. How does one recognize a BGWFan? Is there a secret handshake? A special scream made from the coaster? I presume I'll just know because you will be the ones sharing all of your arcane trivia knowledge while waiting in line.

I'll have my freshly-released-from-third-grade son with me, and we are intent on riding Nessie on her 35th birthday.
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And here is a picture of my lanyard, or as I call it- my BGW Bling! You cannot miss me! Just please say your avatar name when introducing yourself. Otherwise I will give you the look of confusion.


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