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Aug 9, 2010
We went for a few hours yesterday and had a good time(other than finding out in front of oh say 200 people that you are now too fat to fit on Apollo. If I ever win a mega lottery I'm opening a theme park for fat people and all of my rides will have width requirements rather than height. :D They serve you 15lbs of funnel cake topped with hot fudge, strawberries ice cream and ready whip and then expect you to fit in a chair that's 12" wide. I would like to apologize to all park employees that are put in the awkward position of telling someone that they are too large to fit on a ride, after all You aren't the ones that shoved doughnuts down our throats for the past 12 months.) :rolleyes:
I will be posting HD videos here, but it takes a long time to upload from the free resort wifi so not sure how many I will have up this week. Here are the 1st two.(Roman not HD)
Roman Rapids
Steam Train from Festa to Caribou
Yea I wish more people took advantage of the seat out front before they try to get on the roller coasters. That's pretty brave taking video on roman rapids.
pandorazboxx said:
Yea I wish more people took advantage of the seat out front before they try to get on the roller coasters. That's pretty brave taking video on roman rapids.

I fit last year and haven't gained more than 10lbs so I figured I was good to go lol. I think I'm gonna blame my wallet. :rolleyes: My camera is waterproof. I'm gonna try getting some shots at Water Country also. Well time to head out to the park. It is mom and daughter's birthday, what better way to spend it?
Hey since you're going to Water Country can you see if those super loops have been fixed with regards to the water boarding, err I mean water pressure issue?
We are going to wait until Thursday as it is supposed to be hot. I will let you know. I hope they have it fixed as I can't stand water up my nose.
We just finished lunch with Elmo and my daughter loved it. They took her on stage and sung happy birthday.
Lunch with Elmo
Yesterday was my daughter's 5th birthday so we had a date at Lunch with Elmo and friends. The food was good and the service was fine. We bought pictures of my daughter and son sitting with Elmo and Big Bird. She was the only child at the event with a birthday so she got center stage with the characters as they sang happy birthday to her. She ran to the stage when they called, but was a bit overwhelmed once the singing began. My 1yr old son was terrified by Oscar the Grouch and probably ruined a good time for a few tables around us :s The only thing I didn't like was how they kept announcing the toy bin was on the right side of the stage for all to make their purchases and then they have an employee grab up a couple dolls and carry them through the crowd like holding a carrot in front of a donkey. I know they are there to make money but that might be a bit much lol.

I also got a short video approaching the Beer Garden and Mach Tower. They have Mach tower drink cups in the beer garden. They are a few inches taller than the blue cups and are green in color. It costs $2 more than the standard drink cup, but my souvenir certificate was all that was needed and they are also $.99 refills like the blue.

I also uploaded the rest of Balmoral's trip around the park.
Caribou to Tweedside station
Tweedside to Festa station

More to come.
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We went this morning while the grandmothers watched the little ones and I was able to get a few rides in. My wife won't ride any coasters so if you see some fat goofy lookin guy by himself in line then say hello :D I got footage of Nessie and Darkastle. I was shot down by ride ops at Pompeii and Le Scoot and will have to go on the caveman diet before I can ride the others.
Nessie in full hd for those of you that can see it. Darkastle will be up this evening.
Do you have some kind of like fish-eye lens on your camera? One of my friends has one and their pics and vids look similar to yours
Yes, that is what I was messing with that fell off on the climb. It attaches magnetically and will stay on unless you hit it. You can use it on most cell phones and cameras with a small lens. I paid $15 and it was well worth it. Your field of view is much larger and only sacrifices warping at edges. To me it gives you that wide field like seen on hd channels. I am using the new kodak playsport and am very happy with it for such a cheap pocket camera.
Back to my condo and laptop. Here is the fisheye lens I have. They have another that is a few bucks cheaper but the field of view is smaller and has a lot more warp. Dealextreme ships their stuff on a slow boat from china so shipping takes a few weeks, but that is a very good product.

Speaking of China, me and the wife boarded Roman Rapids this morning with 4 Asians and they had their cell phones out taking pictures. That was until the 1st wave came over top of them and they were scrambling to cover their cameras. I pulled out my ziplock and let them deposit a camera to keep safe on the ride. So remember, whenever expensive electronics are near a wall of water, a ziplock bag can breech the language barrier! Now for that Darkastle vid.
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