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Aug 18, 2010
I will be going to bgw on June 26, 2011 because my mom wanted to listen to the Toby Mac concert is anyone else going to be there that day that wanted to meet up and ride a couple rides?
Cool, cause my mom and sister want to see Toby Mac which I don't really want to so I will be bringing a friend so if you guys don't mind hanging out with two 15 year olds that act like were 18 let's all meet up!
Ill be there with my friend who doesnt like roller coasters so hopefully i can convince her!
Ok new plan Ill be going by myself with my mom and sister,
Whats a good time to meet up?
Where should we meet up?

Also i will be posting a sticky note on the loch ness ACE plaque saying "1st Place BGWFans Battle of Busch Gardens" so if you see that and they havent removed it i did it! :)
You must take a picture. Unless your sticky is black and you're writing with silver ink, I think it will be removed quite quickly..
Yeah, Im planning on taking a picture and posting it. Also i will be there early as usual...9:00am, best time to ride coasters over and over. Anyone else going to be there that early?
That'll be my birthday! And it would be awesome to go to busch gardens like I do every other year, but sadly my life has been taken by softball and others. You guys have fun though, if your little get together happens. (It never seems to though):p
You guys still going out sunday? I'm going, could meet up for a BGW fans photo and ride or something. But I'm about 10 years older than you guys, so it'd be a little weird for me to hang out with you guys all day. Unless you guys have some fake IDs and want to drink at Grogan's with me.
It looks like I will be there as well. Is there a secret hand shake or bird call or something? :D
Apollo at night > Alpengeist at night

I'll have to be close to the front of the park around 8 anyway. There's a reason I'm getting to the park so late.
pandorazboxx said:
Whatever man, I don't want to hang out with you either. haha.

:p I should have a better idea of when I'll be getting there tomorrow. Are you on Twitter?
Not open for further replies.
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