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Feb 6, 2013
Portsmouth, Va
Last official day of F&WF! My best friend from high school just moved to Alexandria and is coming to meet us there! Haven't seen the dude in 14 years! Plus, he is a chef, what better person to spend the F&WF with? If you see me there, say hi, especially if we haven't met yet. I am not hard to miss! I am the dude on the right!
23rd? I think me & the GF might be there that day. I'm the tall skinny guy in the jeans & baseball cap, and my GF is the VERY short (no she's not a midget...err...person of short stature) blond chick w/funky blue sneakers on. I'll most likely be pushing a black stroller w/two little boys in it. Hope to see ya!
Should be able to make it.

Edit: To add to this previous post... When is everyone thinking of showing up tomorrow?
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