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Jun 10, 2010
Drove from VA to Tampa on Friday the 17 with the sole mission of riding Cheetah Hunt that night. We got there and it was closed, on of the operators told us they have issues with the launch system overheating when it's hot out. It was hot our whole time in Florida. We went and had dinner and saw it was running so we got in line, we get to the front and downpour... Ok, the gods are against us. We waited about 20 mins then it reopened and we got the front row! I really enjoyed the ride, very smooth. There is a good deal of air time when you reach the top of the tower, same with the 3rd launch hill. Overall I would give it a 7.5. What I liked best were the cheetahs! I had never seen cheetahs before, they are amazing and act so typical of cats. I was talking to one of the trainers and asked if they knew their names, he said they do know their names, but they are cats and will usually just sit there and ignore you. The rest of the park was great, we had been there a couple years ago. The new trains on Gwazi help, but it is still very rough but no as noticeable with the big cushy seats. The other coasters were just as good as I remember them. The sky ride going under Cheetah Hunt is pretty cool. Over all we had a great time, I will attach some pics and then on to Sea World.


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