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Jun 18, 2012
Virginia Beach,VA
Today I went to Busch Gardens Tampa and it was AWESOME! First I rode Cheetah Hunt. It was really fun and very smooth. I liked the first hill. Then I rode Montu. It was much smoother than Alpengiest and I really liked the queue line. After that we rode Gwazi and it was pretty rough but I can stand it. Then we rode Scorpion. It was fun to go through a loop with only a lap bar and I kinda blacked out in my right eye on one of the turns that were close to the ground. After that we rode Kumba. It was really loud with lots of inversions but it was FUN! And we also rode Sheikra. I didn't find much difference between this ride and Griffon besides the lack of a second loop but I still enjoyed it. For lunch we ate at the Desert Grill. It was really yummy exept that the tomato on my sandwich was kinda flavorless. After that we rode the Tampa version of the Flying Machine, the Sandstorm. It was faster and the ride time seemed longer. It was really hot (thankfully they had employees with sprayers out to spray people
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