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RE: Park Fans "C'est la vie" to Pirates 4D

Thought this would be schuduled for the last day/last performance.
That Sunday is perfect!! My baby will be there too!!!

It just occurred to me that this will be Father's Day. Bonus!! Pirates with my baby on an already special day. :)
My family -1(daughter at band camp in NC) will be coming from Jacksonville NC to Harrisonburg VA that day. Hoping to get to Busch Gardens for a few hours to break up the 6.5 hour drive. When is the last show of Pirates scheduled for on any given day? My son will want to see it one more time I am sure. Thanks for any help with this. But we should be there at some point that day.
Au revoir, Captain Lucky....The GF and I meant to go watch you one final time, but we were too busy eating all the food at the F&W Festival. Enjoy your retirement. :/
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see Pirates at Phantasialand, sadly I refused the offer and now regret it.
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