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Aug 9, 2010
Anyone going to the park today? If so then let me know. I am going this morning and then returning tonight. It would be nice to meet some of you and maybe get a pic or 2 for my trip report. I'll have my BGW fan shirt on and will check forums throughout the day.
Are you on Twitter or foursquare? I was there this morning and should be back tonight. You can follow me on Twitter at @aaroncorasdad or @bgvatips. I check in all the time so you'd be able to see where I am. Love to say Hi.
The lift carriage was about 15' off the ground this afternoon when I went to check it. I didn't look over the fence as I think it was too hot for the workers to be doing anything at the time. Shafor I will keep tabs on you tonight, I don't have twitter but I will follow yours.
Me and Shafor met up this evening which I thought was a nice touch to complete my trip this year. I got a pic for my fellow BGWfans. Will post later.
Thanks for the meet up Geoffrey. It was nice to meet one of the people that have made my trips more enjoyable. All of you at BGWfans are very informative and it is nice to have my own personal BGW encyclopedia whenever needed.
Not open for further replies.
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