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Pretzel Kaiser

Silver Donor
Apr 5, 2011
A bit over due, but I was at Carowinds in July and thought I would do a bit of a report.

Intimidator- Liked this more than I305. It's not as intense and has a better layout.

Nighthawk- I hate Vekoma Flyers and this wasn't an exception.

Carolina Cobra- Really not much to say about this since there's not much to it.

Carolina Cyclone- Very rough and hasn't aged well.

Carolina Goldrusher- I loved this coaster. Mine coasters don't get enough love. I just wish the seats were bigger so I wasn't sitting on the edge.

Vortex- I also hate stand up coasters...

Afterburn- I loved this coaster so much. It doesn't look like much, but it has a nice kick to it.

Thunder Road- I really liked this one, more than Rebel Yell. Shame its gone.

Fury 325- Can Cedar Fair just build one of these at every park? Such a great coaster with awesome turns. I loved it so much.

Hurler- A smoother ride than KD's, but still not much to say about it.

Boo Blasters- Half of the things didn't work, which is a shame.

Overall- I honestly think that CW beats out KD for their coaster collection, but everything else wasn't nearly as good as KD. The food wasn't good, the park was dirtier and had maintenance problems. Also, what kind of theme park doesn't have package pickup? I think that KD beats out CW as a whole because it's a better experience.
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