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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
Visited the park last week for the first time and had loads of fun. We were there to hit up Fury as well as say goodbye to Thunder Road. I'd say the park has a lot of potential but those crews outside of Fury were very hit miss. Park was clean and nice overall but I'm not in too big of a hurry to come back.

Fury 325 - Fast, furious, and forceful. Definitely the star of the park and pretty much the main reason we were there. It was good enough to land a spot in my top 3 behind Skyrush and 305. Lots of floaty air, a great drop that lasts forever and a view of Charlotte to die for. 5/5

Nighthawk - Batwing is better but I dug the setting. The crew sucks though. I'm a sucker for flying coasters. 5/5

Afterburn - It wasn't that special the morning I rode it but once it warmed up it became a beast. Too bad the crews were hit miss. Not sure of it beat out Montu but it was fantastic. 5/5

Intimidator 232 - In the back it runs terrible but front row is fantastic. Def the opposite of Apollo which delivers the great ride in the back. 5/5

Vortex - The surprise of the trip. Ride needs a bit of work but if it were smoother it would be excellent. 3/5

Ricochet - Brakes were toned down a tad so we got a great ride 4/5

Thunder Road - Lots of tears shed for a mediocre ride. Rebel Yell is loads better. No racing half the time and a crew that doesn't give a damn. Ride has an odd roughness where my thighs are jackhammered against the lapbar. 2/5

Carolina Cobra - OK ride but terrible crew 3/5

Carolina Cyclone - Another OK ride. Did nothing special 2/5

Goldrusher - Decent ride with nice setting. Friend thought it was garbage for crushing his legs. 3/5

Woodstock Express - The one at KD is better. Rough and poorly maintained IMO 2/5

Flying Ace - Rough and boring 2/5

Hurler - Combine Hurler here for the better turns and the one at KD has a better straight parts and you've got a winner 1/5

The park really does need to set their employees straightened. Most of the were hit miss with service. The park itself has lots of potential but its mostly mediocre rides outside of Fury. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to visit again unless they add another great new ride.
I myself am not a big fan of Nighthawk, I much prefer Batwing. Nighthawk jackhammered in my opinion. It really sucks you had such bad ride ops. Afterburn is probably my favorite B&M Invert.
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