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May 13, 2012
Here is a little about my day.

By the numbers...

4 – I hit four of the coasters today: Griffon, Apollo's Chariot, Verbolten and Alpengeist. It had actually been over a year since my last ride on Verbolten. I'm not a huge fan of electromagnet launch-style coasters in general but I figured I would give it another try since I had the opportunity. This time around was better but I'll still take Apollo's Chariot or Griffon over it any day.

3 – The number of deer I saw while riding the train. Yes, three deer (including one very small fawn) ran through the area behind the Drachen Fire station.

2 – The number of times I was asked by a park guest if I worked at Busch Gardens and if I could help them. I do not work there but helped anyway.

1 – It is not to say there were others but I only really noticed one today. I am speaking, of course, about perplexed looks on someone's face while attempting to interpret the meaning of the IllumiNights turtle. It really is bizarre. As is the snail. And the frog. Weird.

Other thoughts...

This was a rare opportunity for me to visit the park by myself and it allowed me to take in some different perspectives and look around a little more than when I have my family with me. One thing that struck me was how very talented the artisans throughout the park really are. The candle maker in New France and the clay jewelry makers in San Marco are particularly impressive.

Last, but far from least, it was also great to meet Alpenghost, Luke, Nora and Zachary today!
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