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Aug 4, 2014
UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (AP) - Authorities say a roller coaster carrying 24 people has become stuck near the top of the ride and fire officials are trying to rescue them at Six Flags America in Maryland.

Prince George's County Fire officials were called to The Joker's Jinx roller coaster at the park just before 2:30 p.m. Sunday. No injuries have been reported.

Assistant Fire Chief Paul Gomez says the riders are sitting upright near the top of the ride. He says it will likely take a few hours to get them down.

It's not clear what caused the ride to get stuck. Telephone and email messages left for a Six Flags spokeswoman were not immediately returned.

Six Flags' website says the ride goes 60 miles per hour and upside down four times.

Hope everyone is ok!
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How the hell did it get stuck there?!


That's gonna be a pain in the ass to evacuate!

And I LOVE how the riders in the last car have umbrellas to protect them from the sun! LMFAO
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I heard on the news that they will get a skyucket crane to get people down. It is going to take several hours because they have to fit a harness onto everyone on the train. I do feel bad for them though, it took 3 hours just for the fire and rescue people to get to them on the ride.
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Unagi said:
How the hell did it get stuck there?!  

For this style of ride, the highest element isn't directly after the launch. So if the launch malfunctioned but still was able to get it through the first element (cobra roll, then sidewinder). It probably won't get to the highest point after it completing those elements if it barely cleared the first "hill", which will cause the ride to valley/ stall somewhere.

The "fail-safe" for preventing this is having brakes at the end of the launch track which will "abort" the launch if it doesn't launch to a minimum speed. Now you still have other elements like weather, friction, weight of the train, and all that mess that could slow the ride down even if it is launched to the correct speed, but that's even more rare.

This is also what caused the Verbolten accident way back in the day. Excpet they were testing that factor of Bolt at the time.

I've been sorta waiting for this sort of thing to happen on these rides (Flight of Fear included).
Chiller saddled in awkward spots like this a few times. Amazed it hasn't happened on the spaghetti bowls until now.
Evan said:
I've been sorta waiting for this sort of thing to happen on these rides (Flight of Fear included).

Just spoke to my friend that worked at KD in the 1990s.

He said the spot where the train valleyed is problematic with all the working models and on FoF there is even an evac platform located right where this problem spot is. He said this happened quite a bit when he worked at KD.
It would certainly be more fun to get stuck on a ride inside with an evac platform as opposed to outside with nothing. Why, for the love of coasters, would Six Flag's version not have the same platform?
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I have to agree, much rather get stuck on this at Kings Dominion or Kings Island while you are indoor instead of sitting in the heat for hours on Joker's Jinx or Poltergeist at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
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Joker's Jinx doesn't have a MCBR. So I'm sure that played into the factor.

Also since Flight of Fear is indoors, they can't in any way get a crane inside if this event happened. So I'm sure protocol was to have catwalks in these areas. Also Kings Dominion has a crane system inside that is attached to the ceiling. A few years back, the Henrico Rescue team(?) did their practice tests in FoF.

Edit for clarification: KD can't get a mobile crane in place. So I'm sure they have more protocol that required them to have catwalks installed as opposed to Joker's Jinx needing one since a crane could be in place at SFA. Also since Kings Dominion can't get a mobile crane inside, they also have a crane system installed to the ceiling.
To those saying 'cause Six Flags' they do have evac platforms in problematic spots on all rides that are not easily accessible by crane. Chiller's Robin side had an evac pathway in its Cobra roll since the trains had saddled there just once. The Runaway Mine Train also has an evac platform on its hill right before the MCBR. It's apart of the engineering with every coaster built which leaves things up to either having an evac platform or shutting down the park to bring in a crane for evacs. Joker's Jinx didn't require an evac platform when it was built likely as apart of state regulations but I'm sure now that this has happened Maryland will not want people being evac'd from a crane again and change the code.
When your budget is blown before the first month is done then you kinda can't go building above requirements. The park is balancing a huge budget with the addition of a ride, and with a park like SFA they don't exactly have the liberty to spend more than what they're required to.
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Two years later, a Prince George’s County judge ordered Six Flags America to pay $10,000 to each of Benitez’s family members stuck that day, totaling $60,000 in damages.

The lawsuit is part of a set of legal actions against Six Flags since the dramatic 2014 rescue made national and international headlines.

Two riders had already settled out of court before the most recent judgment, and one of Benitez’s brothers — who said he suffered nerve damage from the incident — is expected to pursue his case in circuit court, where he has asked for damages in excess of $75,000, said Barry Helfand, the attorney who represented Benitez’s family.
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