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avid coaster enjoyer
Sep 20, 2013
Sea World Orlando's only polar bear past away Thursday Morning.

This is very sad news because everytime I went to Sea World when I was younger I would run straight to the polar bears and press my face up to the glass and be stunned by seeing animals I'll probably never see in its natural habitat. You will be missed.
That article was somewhat generous with its estimate of the polar bear life span. According to my polar bear book, the bears rarely live longer than 25 years; in the wild they rarely live more than 18. So Johnny was in his twilight years, by any measure.
Matthew said:
Free the Polar Bears?

Coming soon from the makers of Blackfish: Whitebear! See why polar bears are living a year shorter than they can in captivity thanks to SeaWorld's crimes!

Seriously, though, this is very sad. I actually remember seeing Johnny at the park. He will be missed.
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