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Aug 31, 2012
Harrisonburg, VA
Just curious if anyone had seen him around at all since he took over SWP&E?

It was stated somewhere on another thread that he had been to the park at some point.

I would be interested to know his thoughts on the current state of the park and what he sees for the "big picture" as to where the direction for the Park should be going.

I don't want anyone to let anything out that would be considered "CONFIDENTIAL" and could be easily traced back to A source.

Please feel free to elaborate on your thoughts as to what your "big picture" vision would be.

Personally A Manby meet and greet would be a good idea for the park to consider in my opinion.

Just my thoughts.
I'm pretty sure he was at the VIP showing of the 40th anniversary film. I recognized quite a few people, but I didn't want to stare. From what I have heard so far (not much), his ideals seem to be well in line with what I expect to see at a Busch Gardens/SeaWorld park.

He seems to really value family connections. At a park like BGW, I thing that is an imperative quality. Even when Anheuser Busch owned the park, they had small a vibe of being a gigantic family-run establishment(in a good way). If there is one old ideology that I think the park needs to focus on; that would have to be that of August Busch.

He was obsessive about every detail. He also believed that family entertainment includes the entire family, without making one or more member(s) suffer. That is something that I don't think any of the other major park chains have mastered, and I think they all should try to do that.
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