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Apr 9, 2013
Hey everybody!

Well, as they say, you play the cards you're dealt, and life just threw me a Royal Flush. I've moved from Richmond to Carlsbad, CA.

Basically, this means I won't be able to come to BGW for the foreseeable future. Kills me that I'm going to have to miss this year's F&W Festy.

However, it does mean that I get to post often about the myriad of amusement parks found here within 100 miles of me.

Disney California Adventure
Sea World
Universal Studios
Knott's Berry Farm
and a few other smaller places...

So, I'm going to take it upon myself to post frequently about any of these places, most especially Disneyland itself, since I just got myself an Annual Pass. :)

Take care of BGW for me, you guys!!

P.S. One advantage of living here...NO OFFSEASON!! WOOT!!!


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Keep me updated on the other Cedar Fair park Knotts Berry Farm! A great Facebook fan site is Knotts Network. They are very dedicated and love the park greatly. They have a site, but it doesn't seem they have the focus to really take it off.

Have fun over there with that major time-zone difference!
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How could you forget about Six Flags Magic Mountain? Definitely not a smaller place... Some of The most insane coasters on the planet live on that mountain, and it's actually one of the better themed and maintained Six Flags parks.
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THAT'S the one I forgot....Sorry, last time I went to MM was...geez, over 30 years ago. Thanks for picking up on that! :)

I'll be going back to Disneyland sometime next week & I'll try to get a ton of pics this time. Helps to have an annual pass, you know. :)
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