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Apr 12, 2010
Well it's hard to believe that my family is forced to stay home yet another year from visiting BGW.  Unfortunately, it's true.  So I'm offering compensation again this year for IN-PARK maps + brochures.

This year, the deal is more generous than past years.  $20 (see updated info in the next post below) for TWO in-park maps (specifically during the 'Star Spangled Nights' timeframe) and TWO park 'brochures' (available at most local hotels in Williamsburg, and probably at the park itself).  All must be in very good condition!  

Payment will be via Paypal or Amazon Payments.  I'm open to other forms of payment as well if you don't have a Paypal or Amazon Payments account.

Easy money, people.  I've been doing this for years now (unfortunately), and I have good references that should back me up as far as following through with payment.  FIRST PERSON TO ACQUIRE THE ITEMS AND GET THEM TO ME GETS THE MONEY.  It's just that simple.

Shipping to me is included in the $20.  Now have at it.  Surely someone could use an easy $20  ;)

NOTE:  I'll be doing the same thing again for Christmastown this year.  Same deal.  I'll post it up in this forum after Christmastown opens.
RE: It's that time again: $20 for maps+brochures

Ok, kids. I'm finding it hard to believe that everyone here is well-enough off (financially) to not want an easy $20. All for just picking up a couple in-park maps and 2 park brochures. Quite frankly, I'm surprised. $20 can go a pretty long way in the park (or anywhere else for that matter).

Since there's been no action whatsoever here, I will increase my price to $25...and that's all I'll be paying. I'm not a wealthy person (far from it, since we're a single-income household w/kids and 2 ill adults), but this is something that I like to get each year that is special to our family when we can't make it to the park in any given year. Unfortunately, it's been ?? years now since we were last at BGW. I hope to make it back again SOON...but in the meantime, at least these mementos will help appease our disappointment of not being able to go.

I'm hoping someone jumps in here before the season ends. Thanks again.
I completely forgot to grab maps yesterday (I usually grab something every visit). I'll be going to the park again Wednesday and I can pick up the park maps. However, I won't be able to do the brochures. I don't know the Williamsburg area at all to be able to drive around (I live in the Richmond area) and search. I'll PM you once I get them. And if you would like anything from Kings Dominion, that's more my area.
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LOL that did escalate quickly!  This thread has languished since 7/11 with no responses.  

Evan:  I appreciate your offer of grabbing me some maps, but my first post did say that the first person to get me the 4 items gets the money.  However, please do pick up a couple of in-park maps for me, just in case something happens, and Joe cannot come through for some reason (stuff happens).

Joe:  I never turn down generosity...and I never forget it, either.  I remember the people who have already helped me in the past, and if we're ever able to make it back to the park, I'll be trying to meet up with those people and hopefully return the kindness :)  I'm sending you a PM with my address.

Thanks guys for the quick response and offers.  Like I said in the first post in this thread, it's looking extremely doubtful that we'll be able to make ChristmasTown (again), so I'll be re-running this same kind of thing again at that keep a lookout for my post in this section.  It will be the same type of offer ($25 for 2 in-park CTown maps and 2 brochures).  

Thanks again.
I just have to find those damned brochures... they are around my house somewhere. :p
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netdvn said:
I have two spare brochures lying around somewhere. Not sure about the extra summer maps though. I think I still have a few leftover Food and Wine maps, but that's about it.

Netdvn: If I can't find my brochures, maybe you could send him those and I could send the maps. I have plenty of those. :p
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Whichever way works best for you guys. I can split the money in half, and send $12.50 to each of you if that's the way you guys want to do it.

Any luck on the maps/brochures, Joe?
Oh my gosh! I forgot all about this! I'm so sorry! I have plenty of maps, and I still am not having luck locating the brochures. They are somewhere in my house. So sorry to keep you waiting!

Still feel free to PM me your info. I can certainly share my maps with you.
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LOL no worries, Joe :) PM'ing you my info.

Netdvn: can you send me the brochures?

Thanks to you both!
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