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May 27, 2011
I am of Sicilian ancestry. I have been learning to speak Italian now for about
4 1/2 years on my own. So, I am very much still a learner But I thought the German thread was interesting and I figured that I’d follow suite. Maybe there should be one for every language in BGW. That would be cool.
But, I remember being excited as I began to translate the Italian phrases found within the park- To the left and right of the theater, at the gelato shop, inside Escape from Pompeii, etc.
The biggest Italian phrase that comes to mind is on the gelato shop under the awning.

It says something like: Un pranzo senza vino è come un giorno senza sole.
That means: A lunch without wine is like a day without sun.

I don’t remember exactly but the house left side of the theater (Il Teatro di San Marco- you guessed it- San Marco theater, or Saint Mark’s Theater) , the sign is the bakery with the sign saying when it’s open and closed,

House right is the Flower Basket naming flower colors not flower names per se- Rossa, Rosa, viola, gialla, bianca- Red, Pink, purple, yellow, white.
It also mentions that flower are available for delivery.

If someone has a picture I can tell you exactly, but that’s the gist.

Gelato in fact does mean “ice cream”. But Italian ice cream is a different recipe and process than American ice cream.

Panini means sandwiches. Yes, plural and just sandwiches. Not, pressed, toasted, melted. Just sandwiches. If you want a sandwich, that’s a panino.

espresso- express. As in a fast made coffee. But I can’t stand it when people say eXpresso. Aaaaaaagh! Just a peeve of mine.

La Macchina Volante- The Flying Machine.
Does anyone else speak Italian here?
Wanna know something at BG, let me know.
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This is awesome. My dad’s side of the family comes from Sicily, although I can’t speak a lick of the language so BGW’s Italian areas have always mystified me. I remember my dad, who took Italian throughout college, being impressed with the Italian in Deadline - apparently they got most of it right. He always thought the sign near the entrance that said “Si sarà mangiato dagli zombi” (“You will be eaten by zombies”) was hilarious.

Now if only BGW would unshelve Madrid so I can throw my hat in the ring of analyzing the languages of BGW :p
Here are the Italian spiels from Deadline. You can turn on the closed captions for Italian. I can’t find the English subtitles at the moment, but perhaps someone can translate.
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Also, la tempesta is the storm. It is feminine. But BG made it masculine, probably because the character is a dude.
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Ugh that panino thing is the most annoying ever hahaha. I'm half Italian and I see that everywhere. People look at me funny when I order a panino, they're like, a panini??? ??? Can confirm, all of what you said is accurate and true.
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My Deadline translation- I had to check out a few words that I was unfamiliar with or could’ve had alternate meanings. I even noticed that the subtitles translations were wrong on a word or two.

“Welcome to the Metro of Rome. Antonio Stefano speaking. I am happy to be here with you all to show you our wonderful project. We have started our slipway (ie. construction entrance) for the expansion of the new tunnel. We have awaited many year before starting this project for our Roman metro. How proud of the progress achieved in the expansion of the subway. You will notice at the beginning of the excavation that large sections of tubes (tunnel) will be visited. In any case there will be no reason for alarm because...“

and the sign says left to right (but I’m sure you can figure that one out ?)-
Orange Line, Blue Line, Green Line, Red Line, Dead Line.
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