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May 3, 2011
Richmond, Va
I have been a user of the site since May 3rd, 2011. Way before the ParkFans Network had even begun to be any major thought. I was the typical user. I asked tons of questions and my spelling was bizarre (not like that still isn't the case these days). I was successfully lured into this site by Zachary's obtained Verbolten plans. Before I had just lurked around when Mach Tower was becoming a thing. Verbolten sorta sealed the deal on becoming a member.

Later on, I came across the BGWFans chat room, where I assumed I was going to be able to just sit back and watch discussion because I assumed that everyone was using it. Well I was far wrong... But it was not a regretful choice that's for sure. That night, I spoke to numerous members, including Zachary, where I became astounded by the site. As time went on, ideas of growing the site were thrown out there, but I never took it too seriously. I think I jokingly said "I can write for a KD page" without thinking too much about what it meant. Time went by and things started piecing together in a way. I still was sorta clueless, but then it became a reality.

All of our ideas slowly went into place. A new server was put in place. Domains were purchased and we were hard at work to bring our ideas to life. We slowly began teasing the boards of the creation of the site.

After a couple months of working. It was ready... KDFans and the ParkFans Network were born.

I have had a blast (most of the time) working on KDFans and moderating the ParkFans boards. I have met many great people over the two year time span that I have been running this site. This includes many great adventures to and from various parks with these same people. I have made memories with this site that will be unforgettable.

There are points where I have asked myself if I have gotten myself in for too much. Was running a fan page really my cup of tea? We all have figured I am not the best writer, but I do see a strong point in some of my photo blogging (is that even a thing?). This decision does not come easy considering how much I have worked to get it to where it is.

But the time has come and my time here at the ParkFans Network has come to an end. Where or is there a future of KDFans? I couldn't tell you. That is now up to the administrators to decide what is going to happen to the site.

I will try and stay around as a forum contributor, I sort of have this site in my daily system. I check it at any moment I pick up my phone or come across a computer. It even is one of my start-up tabs when I open up my web browser.

Thank you all for a wonderful last few years no matter all of the tension that may have been caused.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!
Don't worry... I'm seeing so many changes on my end. No more edit posts buttons on every single post... locking closing threads. No more ability to the "who's online" page.
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Seeing Evan back in black makes me remember all the hilarious rumors that came about after Verbolten's plans got leaked. Those discussions in the old chatroom really brought some fascination to just what the parks could've been like if everything worked out properly. It was great talking with you Evan, and just so you know you can come and pick up that roller coaster wheel anytime. Or we can work out a meeting time soon. Maybe on the next Parkfans roadtrip?
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