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Apr 17, 2017
I’ve made a lot of comparisons between roller coasters at traditional amusement parks and those at Disney parks. One thing I noticed is that elements on Disney coasters seem very drawn out, making it look as if the ride experience is not as intense as on most other roller coasters.
Mar 16, 2016
Part of it has to do with the “Magic of Disney”; especially in Orlando. Structures over 200 feet need to have an FAA light on it. To preserve the looks and not take your out of the sense of being somewhere else Disney (1) doesn’t build over 200 feet and (2) uses some forced perspective to make things seem bigger.

Now to your point, how do you make a ride with a limited drop height more interesting? You don’t do the drop all at once. You work your way down and have elements along they way giving the “drawn out” feeling, keeping it family friendly, but also keeps the ride interesting.
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