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Dec 23, 2011
BGT announced on their Facebook that they will not be continuing the Preschool Pass, could this mean BGW will follow them and not offer it in 2013 as well, or will it be likely for BGW to continue the Preschool Pass?
This would be a sad thing for sure. I have taken advantage of this with my daughter the last two years. About midway through the summer this year the pass was good for Water Country as well. That being said, she is turning 6 soon so we will no longer be able to use it. I would like to see this offer continued. Parents are still going to spend plenty of money on BG junk for the kiddies.
I don't think so. Unlike BGT, BGW relies on local sales during a big chunk of the year. It seems like a great way to get townies in the park spending money in between tourist rushes. But that's just my educated guess.
Good news!! 2013 Sesame Street Forest of Fun Preschool Pass!!

"Double your fun with the Preschool Pass"

"The Sesame Street Forest of Fun Preschool Pass is back and better than ever. This pass now offers unlimited admission to both Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA for kids ages 3 through 5, who are Virginia residents, through Sept. 2, 2013."

"Hurry, passes must be registered and redeemed at the park by May 31, 2013."

Key things to take notice:
1- Pass is good for BGW & Water Country
2- Must register & redeem by May 31.

Last summer I think they added Water Country to the pass in July.
And I think you could register any time during the regular season.
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