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Apr 12, 2012
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hey guys!

I took a trip to IOA on Friday and just thought I'd recap the park

Incredible hulk coaster: very good coaster. I loved the launch at the beginning and I hear the ride is even better in the front. it goes very fast but is lacking a big drop which I always love on coasters. IMO it is the best coaster in Orlando.

Amazing adventures of spider man: an amazing dark ride, one of my favorite dark rides, the updates made to it are stunning and completely made the ride twice as good

Dudley Dorights ripsaw falls: the queue for this moves VERY slowly, but it is the best log flume in the U.S., the themeing is amazing and does not need to be updated.

Popeye and blutos bilge rat barges: an O.K. ride at best, it's better than roman rapids but still i am not a big fan of rapids rides.

Jurassic park river adventure: an amazing water ride, the dinosaurs are amazing and the themeing is great, and the best part, you don't even get soaked

Harry Potter and the forbidden journey: the best dark ride in the U.S. hands down, You ride a robotic arm, much better than the darcastle cars, this is the ride of the future

dragon challenge: same thing as alpengeist, but not as good(I rode Ice)

didn't ride all rides, but got the main ones!
IoA Trip Report

I recently visited IOA and I agree mostly with Dwight. Except for Dragon Challenge, Dwight you rode the Hungarian Horntail (Ice) this one is not nearly as good as Chinese Fireball (Fire) I think that the Chinese Fireball has more loops and corkscrews that Hungarian Horntail, which for me creates a better ride. I also rode some more rides:

Doctor Doom's Fear Fall: This drop tower is my favorite drop tower in the US. I like that it shoots you upwards rather than a long wait going up the tower then dropping, you get the best of both with the shot up then the drop down. I think that this ride beats out Mach Tower (BGW) and Drop Tower: Scream Zone(KD), yet i think this will be rivaled by Falcon's Fury(BGT). (I also love the Fantastic Four theme, Big marvel fan)

Poseidon's Fury: To me this is a pretty boring show which uses mainly fire and water effects with some bad acting by an employee on an otherwise fully animated show. plus you have to walk a lot in order to get to the next scene with no sitting.

8th Voyage of Sinbad: I think that this is a very well done stunt show. I found many scenes to be funny and entertaining. I think that this can be mostly compared to the  Indiana Jones Stunt show.

Other than kiddie rides like the Cat In The Hat Ride (which is the story come to life) I think that Dwight and I have covered most if not all of IOA.
I remember that trip, good times

Mjm: I have been back to IOA since and rode fire(in the front!) and thought that it was better than ice, so I agree there as well.

I think we're all looking forward to the WWOHP part 2!
Neither of y'all did justice to Seuss Landing!  I know it is targeted at children, but I have always loved the theming.  Everything just looks perfectly Seuss.  The Cat in the Hat ride is fun, but I really love the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride.

Also, there is so much more to Hogsmeade than the rides.  The shops are really well done.  And the Butterbeer is very good in small doses.
For me at least I was just naming off the rides, I know there is much much more that just rides, like the discovery center in Jurassic Park, it looks just like the visitor's center in the movie. Personally I ruled out Cat in the Hat. In Wizarding World, I love everything there is about that area, The butterbeer (Especially the frozen version), the three broomsticks, the shops( I especially like Honeydukes) the rides, everything. I am a huge HP fan and I even play quidditch, hence the profile picture.
I am already planning my Universal Studios trip for this summer!  I am so excited for Diagon Alley.

Did I mention irked with Ms. Rowling, however?
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I really didn't know where to put this but I really wanted to share this picture I took at IoA.
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