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Sep 23, 2009

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Here's the deal, guys. We need to learn more about this character. What's his name? Is he a successful rat-catcher? How does the queen feel about rats? Is this a catch and release program? How many rats are there? Is this an infestation? We gotta build this character's bio out—the BGW lore community needs to know!
My reaction to this in GIFs:

Sitting at home and knowing its happening -

Getting to the park and waiting for it -

Finally, seeing them come around -
So does this mean that the rats are winning the rat race? 🙂
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I just have to call and out one thing. None of you themeing purist have considered that in the time period that Bayberry Cross is set it would be the KING'S Rat Catcher not the Queen's. What is next with these historic inaccuracies Vikings in the French colonies or maybe Marco Polo and DaVinci being entertained by a bicycle stunt show.
The gentleman playing the Rat Catcher is going a wonderful job right now walking from covered area to cover area entertaining guest while the rest of the park is on a weather hold.

Are you sure he's playing the Rat Catcher?

If he's a method actor he would have become the Rat Catcher...
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