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So, uh, it's August. Is this addition, originally advertised for a 2021 debut, going to slip another whole season?

When I was there a few weeks ago they hadn't even managed to get the Polyp flat ride fully constructed yet—again, years after its announced debut. Given how many other rides were down or even partially disassembled, hard to know where Indiana Beach's priorities actually are right now.
I don’t see the business sense in trying to revive 3 closed parks at the same time. This company may be spread too thin.

They bought a bunch of used rides that need a lot of refurbishment, and it appears they are not capable of that for whatever reason.
I've tried to get some answers from sources as to why this was left unopened for yet another season, and came up empty.

My educated guess is this was not *planned* to be delayed to 2024, as the park had sent out feelers in May about a summer media event.
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Lets not summon people to this thread just to read "Lol. Lmao even."

A better post would probably be something like: "Whelp, Indiana Beach is now officially closed for the season and they still haven't made a peep about Triple Loop. Incredibly disappointing communication—bordering on intentionally deceptive even at this point. Time to update the thread title again I suppose?"

Anyway, thread title updated. And yes, this whole situation is absurd. There's no excuse for communication this poor.
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I do not take any pleasure in this project being delayed without any communication. I really enjoyed Indiana Beach on my visit last year and I actually live close enough where I could make a visit or two a year if there was enough to do there. I've been waiting for this coaster to open before making a return visit and it's really sad because I think Indiana Beach prospering would be good for the industry in general but the current state it's being run in is just sad
Trying to reopen 3 closed parks at once with used rides that need a lot of rehab probably takes cash that they don’t have…..
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