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and Team / Co
Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
This thread provides an index to all of the posts around the Forum with sourced data about Project Madrid.  It has been created at the recommendation of the Advisory Panel in this vote.  We will update the list, when new, useful data is posted.

Please PM me, if you believe I have overlooked a critical piece of information.

You can find analysis of the raw data presented here on the BGWFans Project Madrid page.

Index (in chronological order)
1. Line of Sight Test
2. 29 May 2017 Height Waiver
3. Excerpts from Official Height Waver Filing
4. Inclusion of “Madrid” in the Filing
5. Utility Markings for Soil Testing
6. Documents for 8 August 2017 JCC Board of Supervisors Meeting
7. Height Waiver Approval
8. Official Summary of the 8 August 2017 Meeting
9. Request for FAA Height Waiver
10. Formal FAA Approval
11. FAA Case Summary
12. Soil Testing Near Drachen Fire

Useful Information (relevant to Project Madrid discussion)
1. StarFlyer Specifications
2. James City County GIS Data
3. Removal of Bitten
4. Pasture Refurbishment
5. Colonial Pipeline Easement Requirement
6. Distributed Antenna System
7. Historical Project Timelines
8. Environmental Impact Reporting Requirements
9. Drainage and Utility Project
10. Determining Height and Breadth from JCC Filings
Not open for further replies.
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