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Jun 6, 2013
It was mentioned by nic in a post about how lacking the park is for animal attractions compared to the parks in the chain. This is something i have thought as well, so i started thinking about how to fix this. While it's true Europe does not offer the variety of Africa, there are still neat animals they could show off. A few examples I think people would like to see are the Eurasian lynx, wolverine, moose, red deer, Eurasian otter and European jackal.

I am not proposing the park try to become BGT, I just think animal attractions are something that set the company apart. They also occupy people without having to wait in line, can be enjoyed by any age, and can remain open year round.

Another thing that would be nice would be a building like curiosity cavern. It would be designed like an old house or castle and feature smaller mammals, amphibians and reptiles. This would be a welcome place to escape the cold, heat or rain.

I do not think this would all need to happen in one off season, but maybe add it in over a few years. It would really enhance the park and help promote the conservation side of the company.
tursiops said:
Another thing that would be nice would be a building like curiosity cavern. It would be designed like an old house or castle and feature smaller mammals, amphibians and reptiles. This would be a welcome place to escape the cold, heat or rain.

Europe in the Air building! It actually would be a great setup for it. With plenty of space in the halls and the actual ride areas you could add many small to medium size animals. The two pits that the ride mechanism fit in would be perfect for two large animal enclosures.

Do I see this happening? Not at all but is still a nice idea I think of a way to use the space and add an attraction to Ireland.
Actually, there were several animal exhibits along the train route back in the day. (Nora, if you remember anything, chip in).

All animals were native to North America. I thought there were at least 3 large fenced areas. One around what is now the Italy train station. Another location in the open area where Drachen Fire's 1st drop used to be, and the last area behind the Royal Palace amphitheater. I thought those animal exhibits were removed by the late 1980's.

Course, BGW had the petting zoo and some smaller animal exhibits, (small breed of bear, wallaby's, and a couple other animals), where the Forrest of Fun kids area is now. They also had the small exhibits along the path from Tweedside station to Italy (Birds and some type of monkey's?). Again, I am not sure of when those were removed.
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Also, something still visible today is an abandoned animal exhibit by the England parking lot. If you look beyond the vending machines covered up by some trees is a fenced area with an abandoned trash can in the middle and some gravel, you can even see the sign Gate 7.

That used to be an animal exhibit way back, but now stands empty and abandoned, except for that one trash can.
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I remember the petting zone, but not the train exhibits. That would be neat to have still, especially beyond the royal palace theater in that unused spot. It's a shame the park had actually removed more exhibits. We used to go look at the tree frogs in what's now union jax every visit. They were random in there, but still cool.
I just wanted to ask, why do we need more animal attractions? I mean, I'd prefer more, improved, and expanded European hamlets rather than animals, or I suppose you could incorporate the animals into the hamlets like the Highland Stables. But I'm not sure how I'd feel if half the park were animal exhibits and had nothing to do with the European theme period. The Wild Reserve as it stands, bugs me slightly, but I understand they need at least one hamlet dedicated to promoting their conservation fund.
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Why do we need more roller coasters? It's not like every town in Europe has one in the town square. Same reason for both things. To give people a reason to go to the park and also to return. I don't want the park to begone a zoo, that's not what it was meant to be. I do think you could integrate more animal exhibits into the park though and it would enhance the park overall. I love three wild reserve, it's actually one of my favorite parts.
I'm with Party Rocker to be honest. Also, I'm not convinced it makes sense from a business standpoint either. Considering all the pain SeaWorld's animals have brought them as of late, why would SEAS increase the animal footprint at a park that's not currently in any way dependant on them?
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I think that some of the parks in the chain use themes that naturally lend themselves to rely on animal exhibits. SeaWorld obviously is the major brand that absolutely needs animals or else it just couldn't operate very successfully. One thing I like about Water Country USA is that it doesn't need animals. It is nice to have a small area dedicated to promoting their conservation and rescue efforts, but anything beyond that is just overkill.

From a business standpoint, it would not be wise to add any more animal attractions within a few years until after the Blackfish publicity dies out at the very least. It would just stir up more trouble and make it look like the whole chain of parks is bent on keeping all animals not just whales in captivity. Plus with all the current problems Busch Gardens Williamsburg is facing as far as upsetting pass holders and such we do not need any attention drawn over here.

I'd much prefer them to increase their zoological department as far as the rescue, rehabilitating, and releasing into the wild goes. They really do not have a large amount of space to work with as it stands now, and I'd much rather see that grow. They can even capitalize on that and offer exclusive tours to show the public how they care for animals.
You could just as easily argue that it would be better for the park to focus on improving the hamlets, than to have yet another cheesy, unwatchable show.

From my perspective I would say that what I like about Sea World and BGT is the integration of animal exhibits and thrill rides.

From a business perspective, parks have to have a variety of attractions to draw a wide audience.

Busch Gardens as a company has long been committed to animal conservation. Recently they have become strong advocates of modern behavioral methods of training. The company, itself, has associated its parks with animals; they aren't something we are randomly trying to add. I would like to see an expansion of something they have already committed to including in their parks.
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Animal attractions are also a lot cheaper, and entertain adults as well as kids. Certainly a good investment when it comes to the overall experience of the park.
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